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Decorative Soundproofing: How to Use Your Furniture to Block Noise

Decorative Soundproofing: How to Use Your Furniture to Block Noise

Here’s how to transform your home into an oasis of quiet. While soundproofing a room can help, you can avoid the complex DIY or pricey outsourcing that require permanent changes to the look and structure of your home. The alternative is decorative soundproofing, also known as adding the right furniture and decor to dampen noise. Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere you’ve always wanted.

How to Use Furnishings to Dampen Sound

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There are three main noise-producing or noise-amplifying spots to consider when deciding where to place sound-dampening decor:

  • The source: What’s causing the noise. If your neighbor regularly plays loud video games, their computer’s speakers are the source.
  • The entry point: This is where the sound enters your space, such as the wall your bedroom shares with your neighbor’s gaming room.
  • The reflection point: This is any hard surface that the sound can bounce off. For example, if you have a blank wall opposite the shared wall, this can amplify any sound that enters.

Sound dampening solutions at any of these three points can help reduce noise, If you’re the one practicing your scales or playing video games to relax late at night, you can use also these methods to stop noise leaving the room and encroaching on other people’s peace and quiet. Plus, these decorating techniques will improve your acoustics.

Soft Furnishings

soundproofing decor

Hard surfaces reflect sounds, while soft surfaces absorb them. This means the best way to soundproof a room involves adding cozy, plush furniture to your existing setup. Sound sinks into overstuffed cushions as easily as you do, so that luxurious love seat you’ve had your eye on could provide a lot more than just comfort.

In your living room:

A fabric sofa (or one with a slipcover) can absorb noise before it travels outside the space, especially if you load it up with throw pillows and push it against the wall. You can settle down with a bowl of popcorn and the latest action movie knowing that the loud sounds associated with hero vs. villain standoffs and crazy car chases aren’t filtering into the room behind you. This is important when there’s only a few inches of drywall separating you and the adorable angel snoozing in the nursery.

In the bedroom:

Consider tucking yourself in for the night with a winged, tufted headboard as your backdrop. The headboard’s angled sides add an extra layer of deflection, sending sound waves boomeranging back to their point of origin before they can interrupt your dreams. The more blankets and bedding the better. Your neighbor’s snoring will be a distant memory, and you’ll have a good night’s sleep and covetable piece of traditional-meets-contemporary furniture to show for your efforts.

Your Book Collection

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Although bookshelves are technically a hard furnishing, paper is an insulating material. Arrange tall bookshelves against the wall and fill them with your treasured copies. While you catch up on your favorite show or indulge in a nap, those tomes are putting in overtime blocking noise. Add a comfortable chair and a cup of hot chocolate, and you’ve created a hushed reading room where you can escape into a fantasy world for a few hours. If your reading nook is adjacent to the garage, it will even help block the sound of your spouse tinkering with the car.

Floors & Ceilings

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In many homes, first floor rooms experience additional noise. If you’re in an apartment building, this could be something as simple as your upstairs neighbors walking around. It could also be because your kids are in their second-floor playroom pretending to be dinosaurs. Soundproofing your floors and ceilings can help keep dino play and relaxation zones refreshingly separate.


An area rug can soften sounds as they travel from upstairs downward, and it also gives your children a softer surface to play on. You can add more insulation by layering rugs for a intentionally haphazard boho look that can divide a playroom into forests, caves, and the open plains where triceratops roam.


Ceiling tiles are sound-deadening materials that add interest to a room. They can emphasize high ceilings by drawing guests’ eyes upward to view intricate detailing like swirling patterns or metallic inlays. Tiles also expand on the existing insulation between the playroom and your study, allowing you to concentrate on replying to last-minute emails before you start cooking dinner for the family.

Curtains & Drapes

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Windows are a common entry point for outside noise, and hanging drapes is the easiest way to soften those sounds of traffic rushing past or the subway. Curtains are simple to install and can be as temporary or as permanent as you want.

When choosing materials, remember that the heavier the material is, the more sound you’ll be able to block out. Try velvet blackout curtains to create a thick sound barrier and opt for floor-to-ceiling sizing to stop noise filtering through the walls surrounding the windows.

Wall Art

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Adding wall decor to a blank expanse can help stop noises echoing around your space. You can go wild finding pieces that match your decorating personality, but remember, soft materials like canvas are better at dampening sound. The goal is to source art that’s the perfect marriage of visual experience and practical noise-dampening power.

Wall tapestries are arguably the superior choice for sound-absorbing wall art. A woven tapestry has different textures and thicknesses, and it can help stop noise once it hits the wool and nestles into those beautifully tangled fibers. Choose a piece in neutral grays and creams for a more subtle statement or go all out with eye-catching patterns and bold colors so the only thing making noise is your personal aesthetic.

Soundproofing decor allows you to say “no thanks” to ambient noise while setting the scene where your conversation isn’t interrupted. Shop soft furnishing and decor at Overstock to get free shippig on your noise solutions.