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Decorating Your Child's Room with a Wall Covering

by Paul Sanders

Bright wall covering decals in a child's room

Decorating a child's room can be a lot of fun. Somehow, the fact that it's a children's room frees you from thinking so much like an adult, allowing you to use colors and designs that you wouldn't use anywhere else. One great design tool that works well for kids rooms are wall coverings that accent the colors of the walls and room decor. Murals and wall decals are repositionable, allowing you and the kids to customize designs and rearrange them at will. Here are some great ideas for decorating your child's room with wall coverings.

Decorating with Wall Coverings:

  1. Repositionable decals are ideal for children. Kids are naturally creative, so instead of waiting for them to write on the walls, give them another artistic outlet by putting up removable wall coverings that they can move at will. You can still have more permanent wall coverings, like wallpaper and borders, while they have fun with the decals.

  2. Use borders to define wall spaces. Use self-adhesive wall coverings to balance different wall spaces. Colored borders are great for creating frames around picture frames and furniture. You can make the room playful with other wall decals, but these border wall coverings will give the room decor focus and structure.

  3. Create a collage. Mix a combination of wall coverings and decals to create organized clusters of images in one or more spaces. This works especially well if you have significant amounts of open wall space, which is common in kids' rooms.

  4. Choose a common theme for the room. It's a good idea to target the room decor for a girl or boy. Sports-themed wallpaper murals and wall decals are common for boys. Flowers are always popular with the girls. You can also find gender-neutral wall coverings with animals and popular cartoon characters.

  5. Leave an open area for play. Your child's room wall coverings give you an opportunity to nurture creativity. When working with your borders and other wall coverings, be sure to leave an open space where your child can be creative with repositionable decals. You might be surprised at the designs they come up with.

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