Decorating with Plants

How Do I add more plants to My Space?
Adding plants to your living or working space is a great way to infuse your interiors with natural beauty, texture, and character. You can easily amp up the energy of a room while boosting oxygen and filtering the air with a collection of potted plants that will last long after cut flowers fade. You don't have to have a green thumb to successfully decorate with plants. If you're looking to create a calming green space, fill an awkward corner, or decorate an empty spot, read on for more tips on decorating with plants.

How Do I add more plants to My Space?

How to Decorate with Plants


Choose an Assortment of Plants

Bring in an assortment of plants that offer various heights, leafiness, and texture to lend balance and visual interest to your space. Look for a mix of features like shiny, matte, spiky, and round leaves. Consider mixing succulents with mini cacti, bamboo, or spider plants to create an eye-catching display. Knowing where you’ll place your plants and the kind of light you’ll be working with will ultimately help you determine the kind of plants you’ll buy.



Fill Empty Spaces with Different Pots

Planters can be another way to incorporate color, texture, and shape into your decor scheme. Consider your design aesthetic to help you determine the kind of pots you want to use. Whether you prefer to hand-paint a variety of pots or purchase a matching set, use these vessels to fill in empty gaps in your decor. Place smaller potted plants on shelves to bookend your decor or media, or top off your coffee table display with a statement planter that offers bold visual appeal.


Place Sun-Loving Plants in the Sun

Utilize your natural light to its fullest. If you have a sunny bathroom, hang or display moisture-loving plants that thrive in a steamy environment. For bright kitchens with sunny windows, consider potted herbs or edible greens that can be used in your cooking. If your windows don’t have enough ledge space to place pots, you can hang plants from the ceiling using a hook screw and hanging planter, or you can suction your plants to the window using a window planter.


Glitzy up Your Plants with a Stand

One way you can showcase your plants and unique pots is by elevating them off the ground. Whether you use a narrow bench set against a window to display a collection of greenery, or you strategically place large pots on stylish plant stands, you can maximize your plant decor by getting them off the ground.

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