Decorating with Lamps

Decorating with Lamps
Overhead lighting may fill the room with light, but it's the low table lamps that offer the most flattering lighting. The style of lamps you choose will also change the feel of the whole room. If you're redecorating, be sure to consider what different lamps can do for the mood.

Decorating with Lamps

How to Decorate with Lamps:


Reinforce a Theme

Once you already have furniture and other decor in place, look for lamps that will blend with the style you already have going. If your living room is decorated with vintage furniture, mid-century-inspired lamps will make excellent accent pieces. Likewise, a minimalist bedroom will benefit from sleek contemporary lamps. A bronze table lamp would be well-suited for a traditional room.


Create a New Mood

On the other hand, if you feel like the room doesn’t have a defined style yet, you can start with the lamps. Try giving neutral furniture a more lived-in feeling with a Tiffany-style lamp. Or you could steer a den out to sea with a nautical-inspired lamp next to an easy chair.


Create a Sense of Balance

To create a unified look, buy lamps that have similar design elements, whether that’s a similar metal, similar shades, or just similar shapes. Even unique lamps will fit with your home’s decor if you look for styles that incorporate colors or patterns that are already in the room.


Add Femininity to a Room

The materials you use can make a room feel more feminine, perfect if it’s a room for a woman or if it’s a shared room that needs to appeal to both a man and a woman. You could add a touch of femininity to a plain bedroom with a pair of crystal lamps on the end tables. You may think of tiny crystals first, and while these are classic and very lovely, you have other options, too. Crystal spheres and columns add weight and femininity while staying contemporary.


Add Masculinity to a Room

If it’s a man’s touch that needs to be added to a room, look for solid, sturdy bases and angular shapes. Masculine materials, like dark woods, will also get the feeling you’re looking for.


Purify Your Space

Lamps provide light that you can read a book by, but light can do more for you. If you’re thinking about light therapy more than decor, you have a few options. If you need to purify a space, look for Himalayan salt lamps, which give off a warm, soft light, and some people feel that they give a room positive energy. If you aren’t getting enough daylight, look for a full-spectrum lamp, which many people believe can improve your mood, especially in the middle of winter.