3 Tips for Fall Decorating on a Budget

3 Tips for Fall Decorating on a Budget

Living Room Decorated for Fall
Decorate your home for fall without breaking the bank. With a little creativity and an eye for standout decor, you can bring the beauty of autumn into your home while saving money. Check out these fall decor tips to get inspired.

Repurpose Decor for a Quick Seasonal Makeover

Repurpose Decor for a Quick DIY Makeover

Look around your house and find furnishings and decorations you can add to or subtly change to make them into cheap fall decorations. Whether you reupholster your bar stools with brown fabric or fill vases with orange sunflowers, these small changes can have a huge impact on your decor and budget. Want to try something crafty? Turn candle jars into cheery fall lanterns by wrapping them in lace doilies or paper cutouts.


You can also modify other seasonal decorations to fit into your fall theme. For example, if you have a Christmas wreath, replace its red bows and tree ornaments with small scarecrows and plastic pumpkins to turn it into a fall wreath. When it’s time to start decorating for the holidays, swap the old ornaments back onto the wreath. This is a great way to save money on seasonal decor. If you only have a handful of fall-colored decorations to work with, display them prominently to make them do more for your color scheme.


Gather Fall Decor From the Outdoors

Bring the Outdoors in for DIY Beauty

For the ultimate hack to fall decorating on a budget, you can bring in natural color and beauty from your backyard or a park near your home. Leaves, pinecones, acorns, and even hearty produce from your garden all fit the earthy color palette and harvest theme of the season. Place these organic ornaments in jars, baskets, and bowls around your home to showcase tastes of autumn.


You can also get creative with these natural elements and craft your own fall decorations. String together gathered leaves with yarn to make a colorful garland, paint pinecones and pumpkins with colors and patterns, or glue leaves onto candle jars to create beautiful lamps. Even something as simple as filling an orange vase with leafy branches can add to your autumn decor.


Make Fun Fall Crafts with a Die-Cutter

DIY Fall Die-Cutter Decorations

If you have a die-cutting machine, you can use it to craft DIY fall decorations for your home. Die cutters work like cookie cutters that cut paper, felt, fabric, and plastic into any shape you have a die for. Different dies feature shapes ranging from letters to animal outlines. Once a piece of material is die cut, you can use it to dress up a homemade ornament.


Many dies are made for cutting fall-themed shapes like pumpkins and leaves. If you want to create a leafy wreath for your home, get a leaf die for cutting paper leaves. To craft a cheerful message for above your mantle, get a set of alphabet dies. Or, simply hang die-cut shapes on your walls as seasonal decals. With a little creativity and a reliable die-cutter, the possibilities for cheap fall decor are almost endless.