6 Decor Tips for a Stunning Small Entryway

6 Decor Tips for a Stunning Small Entryway

When it comes to having an inviting and well-decorated entryway, constraint drives creativity. A small entryway gives you the opportunity to tastefully introduce your home's style without the pressure of furnishing an entire room. From organizational to ornamental, these small entryway decor ideas will help you realize a space that's both balanced and beautiful. For even more ideas, check out our guide on designer-worthy entryway styles.

Use a Mirror to Open Things Up

Paneled, window-like mirror

Entryway mirrors are good for more than checking your appearance before heading out the door. A properly positioned mirror can make your small entryway feel more open and spacious. Hang a large rectangular or paneled mirror that mimics a window shape to brighten things up. You can also display a collection of small mirrors in various styles over a console table or mixed in with a gallery wall arrangement for a more varied look.


Take Advantage of Compact Seating

Entryway bench with three storage baskets

You probably don’t have room to think about adding a loveseat or armchair, but a small entryway bench or settee can be a perfect alternative that will hug the wall and stay out of the way of foot traffic. Use a storage bench or hall tree to keep shoes, jackets, and other items off the floor so your entryway stays organized. If your small entryway is especially narrow, consider a drum stool or ottoman for unobtrusive seating that can fit snugly in a corner.


Create a Focal Point

Entryway console table with framed artwork above it

Using a specific decor arrangement as a focal point is a great first step in creating a stunning entryway design. Many eye-catching arrangements use a console table as a stylish foundation. Place your small entryway table against a wall that is easily visible upon walking through your front door. You should decorate it like you would a mantle – use a bold centerpiece to anchor your decor, items of varying heights to add weight to either side, and smaller accents to fill in any decorating gaps. Make use of both the tabletop and the wall space above it for best results.


Choose a Rug That Fits Your Space

Vibrant, multicolor medallion runner rug

Every entryway needs an area rug, whether it’s for absorbing soggy footprints or adding a touch of comfort and style. Thankfully, rugs come in nearly every size and shape to accommodate your unique small entryway space. A boxy entryway can benefit from a square or circle rug, while a narrow, hallway-like entryway looks best with a runner-style rug. Choose colors and patterns that complement your overall scheme to really tie your decor together.


Give Empty Walls Purpose

Wall hooks above entryway bench

Don’t let your valuable wall space go to waste. Attractive shelving and wall hooks can help you make the most of your small entryway. Hang a small shelf at eye level next to your doorway for a convenient place to hangs keys, leave reminders, and display a family photo or two. A row of mounted hooks looks great when hung above a storage bench and can hold anything from jackets and scarves to umbrellas. Any glaring wall spaces that aren’t taken up with functional accents can be filled with gorgeous pieces of style-focused wall decor.


Hang Complementary Wall Art

Entryway table with floral artwork displayed

Whether as the centerpiece of your console table arrangement or as a subtler entryway accent, an eye-catching piece of wall art can go a long way in establishing the look and feel of your space. Abstract and graphic prints are popular choices for more Modern design styles, while classic oil paintings lend a vintage element that’s perfect for more Traditional themes. Be sure to select art that enhances or complements your color palette to ensure your entryway maintains a cohesive vibe.