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The Best Curtain Accessories for Your Home

The Best Curtain Accessories for Your Home

Curtain Accessories for Your Home
When it comes to beautiful window treatments, curtains are just the tip of the iceberg. Adding curtain hardware or accessories, can add a whole other level of sophistication to your windows. We've narrowed it down to the seven most important curtain accessories for you to design a window treatment that'll wow your guests every time.


Curtain Accessories Curtain Rods

Curtain rods a must-have for any style of drapery you choose. Choose from simple and modern styles to more intricate and ornate designs. You’re bound to find the right fit for your decor. If you want to learn more about curtain rods, read check out Tips on Buying Curtain Rods guide.



Curtain Accessories Curtain Tiebacks

Let the sunshine in with a beautiful pair of tiebacks. If you have panel curtains, classic tiebacks are perfect for holding your curtains back and letting in the fresh air. Tiebacks are usually made of rope, cord, or other soft materials. Pair these curtain accessories with velvet curtains to give any room a dramatic and regal vibe.  



Curtain Accessories Curtain Brackets

To install a curtain rod over your window, you’ll need a pair of brackets to keep it in place. Brackets are an easy way to keep your curtain rods securely mounted to your wall. Simply mount them to the wall and slide the rod securely through the brackets.



Curtain Accessories Curtain Holdbacks

Tiebacks and holdbacks are pretty similar, but holdbacks are pieces of hardware that allow you to easily tuck your curtains to the side. You can opt for a simple pair of sleek holdbacks or choose a pair of decorative and ornamental holdbacks to add to your decor.



Curtain Accessories Curtain Rings

Hang your curtains up with the classic curtain ring. Rings are easy to put together — just loop the rings around your curtain rod and slide your curtains from side to side. Try getting your curtain rod and curtain rings in the same color and finish so they have a cohesive look.



Curtain Accessories Curtain Clips

Curtain clips are another easy way to hang up your curtains. Clips are usually attached to rings, letting you clip your curtains on securely. For those low-maintenance moms, these are perfect for keeping your curtains fastened in place, especially if you have kids who like to pull on the drapery in your home. You’ll be able to clip your curtains back in place in no time!



Curtain Accessories Finials

Elevate your curtain rods with a pair of beautiful finials! Finials are decorative knobs placed at the end of curtains and add a fun twist to your window treatment. Curtain finials come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. You should have no problem finding the right finial to complement your curtains.