Cricut Buying Guide

Cricut Buying Guide

cricut machine on desk with art supplies
Take your arts and crafts projects to the next level with the help of Cricut cutting machines and supplies. Cricut personal electronic cutters are the new standard of easy, fast, professional-looking paper crafts and are especially useful if you love to make homemade cards, decor, scrapbook pages and more. With so many different Cricut cutters, cartridges and supplies available, finding and choosing the right one for you can be intimidating. Fortunately, this Cricut buying guide is here to help you know what Cricut products are out there and which ones can help you be more creative.

cricut machine on desk with art supplies

Top 5 Cricut Machines and Supplies


Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter

The first in the line of Cricut cutting machines, the basic Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter is ideal for scrapbooking, card-making and all kinds of paper-crafting. Simply insert a cartridge, choose your design, shape or font, and the Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter produces beautiful die-cuts every time. This Cricut machine comes with a stock cartridge of basic letters, numbers, shapes and phrases, as well as one blade and one cutting mat. The Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter can also cut customized shapes and is compatible with most other Cricut cartridges and supplies.


Cricut Cake:

The Cricut Cake is a new and highly popular cutting machine, designed especially to help you decorate cakes, cookies, cupcakes and other confections. Using fondant and gum paste instead of cardstock and paper, you can cut edible shapes, words and designs with any Cricut cartridge. Experienced cake decorators will love the precision and speed of decorating with the Cricut Cake, and beginners will love its convenience and ability to produce professional results. Use the Cricut Cake and the Cricut Cake Tool Kit to match the decor of the treats to the invitations and decor of a party or use it just for the fun of decorating homemade confections.


Cricut Imagine:

The Cricut Imagine print-and-cut machine combines inkjet printing capability with the die-cutting quality of the original Cricut machine to produce full-color, photographic-quality art and designs. This combination means your die-cuts will have detail, dimension, patterns and textures in addition to vivid color. The Cricut Imagine simplifies the process of layering decorative elements on cards and scrapbook pages, and it is compatible with most other Cricut cartridges, giving you a vast library of designs to decorate with.


Cricut Expression

The Cricut Expression cutting machine is much larger than other Cricut cutters, allowing you to cut the same shapes, designs and phrases as other cutters but in larger sizes. The large die-cuts produced by the Cricut Expression are perfect for classroom and home decor, signs, posters, scrapbook layouts and more.


Essential Cricut supplies:

Once you’ve chosen the perfect Cricut cutting machine for your craft projects, you’ll need to purchase the cartridges, ink and software necessary for most die-cutting projects. There are hundreds of Cricut cartridges for you to choose from; some are designed specifically for the Cricut Cake or Cricut Imagine cutting machines, but most are compatible with all machines. Stock up on different font cartridges to express your sentiments in homemade cards; sports or holiday-themed Cricut cartridges are great for celebrating an occasion or decorating a scrapbook page. The Cricut Imagine requires ink to produce its color die-cuts, so make sure you have the right ink approved by Cricut for that machine. To get even more creative, invest in the Cricut Design Studio software. This program allows you to customize any cartridge shape or design that you own from your computer. Some features of the Cricut Design Studio include the ability to resize, slant, rotate, flip and search for images and designs in your library.


Extra Cricut supplies:

With a Cricut cutter and a few cartridges, scrapbooking and card-making will be easier than ever. Take your creativity to the next level with adhesive-backed stencil material, magnetic material, trimmers, storage and extra cutting mats and blades. Use your Cricut cutter to make your own stickers and magnets. Trimmers, cutting mats and replacement blades mean you’ll always be ready to cut shapes and designs for your cards and scrapbook pages. Cricut storage totes keep your Cricut machine safe and your supplies organized; plus, they make it easy to take your die-cutting with you everywhere you go.