Creating a Modern Patio with Angelo:HOME Furniture


After you've spent hours hunting down the perfect contemporary sofa or chrome chandelier to create a modern haven inside your home, it's time to tackle the patio. There's no reason your outdoor living space can't be as sleek as the rest of your home, but there are a few things to look for when shopping for modern patio furniture. Designer Angelo Surmelis' angelo:HOME patio furniture is a good place to start since it features low lines and bold colors that speak to your contemporary decorating taste.

Creating a Modern Patio:

  1. Fill a large area with a complete patio set. Whether you have a big outdoor deck or a giant slab of concrete that you're transforming, buying furniture in a set will make it easier to fill. Look for a set made from weather-resistant resin wicker in a dark color that includes two arm chairs, a loveseat, and a coffee table. Stick with a solid cushion color, like red or lime green, to make the dark base of your furniture pop.

  2. Set up a smaller space with armchairs. If you're trying to create a patio filled with ambiance on a small stoop or apartment balcony, try a set of armchairs from angelo:HOME. Armchairs don't take up a lot of room, but they can make your patio more comfortable to hang out on. To infuse your space with color, look for armchairs with bold striped cushions and a painted wicker base.

  3. Maximize relaxation with a chaise. If you like to sunbathe or take naps in the shade, a chaise will give you the perfect spot to stretch out. In the angelo:HOME line, there are chaise lounges that are sold individually or as part of a seating set, so you can choose the one that fits your backyard. Choose one in the same fabric as your other outdoor seating, or look for one in a print fabric that will complement solid color chairs.

  4. Accessorize the patio. Once you've set up your patio furniture, bring in accessories to make the space seem like more of a room. Stick with mod accessories to complete the look.

    Modern Patio Accessories:

    • A portable fireplace is an ideal accessory for a modern patio because it looks futuristic and is easy to store inside with your other contemporary decor when it is not in use. A large chrome and glass fireplace can be used as a backdrop for your complete patio set, while a round pit can be placed between two chairs and then moved off to the side for storage.

    • Potted plants are a patio essential, but to stick with the modern look, shop for planters with clean lines and geometric shapes. Fill shorter planters with succulents and taller planters grasses. Group the planters in corners to soften the space.

    • An outdoor rug will anchor your angelo:HOME seating area. Look for bold patterns in vibrant colors that complement the seating you've chosen. An outdoor rug that's about 8-feet by 10-feet is usually about the right size for a complete patio seating set.

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Updated November 11, 2014