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7 Tips for a Cozy Hygge Home Cozy hygge living room

7 Tips for a Cozy Hygge Home

Hygge emphasizes the importance of being truly present in your space and a return to the basics of warmth, security, and simple pleasures. Try these 7 easy tips to incorporate Hygge into your home.


Get to Know Hygge Basics

While it’s recently grown in popularity around the world, the Danish concept of coziness known as Hygge (pronounced hue-guh) has been an important part of life in Denmark for many years. Hygge means creating an environment that’s both comfortable and secure. In decor, it embraces cozy furnishings and natural building materials that encourage you to leave the distractions of your busy life at the door. Soft lighting and plush textures help you to be truly present and connect to those around you in meaningful ways.


Warm Things up With Blankets

The concept of warmth in Hygge refers to staying toasty indoors, as well as creating a general sense of friendly comradery with those around you. In Hygge interior design, warmth is reflected in hefty knit throws that ward off the evening chill and a crackling fire to heat the hearth. It also comes out in close seating that lets you snuggle up and enjoy rich conversations and special moments with those you love.


Add Soft Texture With Throw Pillows

Texture is essential to capturing the Hygge atmosphere in your home, and that’s especially true when it comes to plush accents. Textured soft goods like throws and accent pillows are integral to bringing Hygge into a space, keeping you warm and cozy, while also providing plenty of character. The right throw pillows will keep your space comfortable and secure against the pressures of the outside world.


Cozy up to Candlelit Ambience

All of your furnishings play a role when creating a Hygge home, but it’s the simple accents that really shine. Candles are a classic complement that look beautiful throughout the day and help create an enchanting atmosphere after dark. Flickering candlelight will give your setting an intimate and inviting quality that pairs beautifully with the soft serenity of Hygge decor.


Strike a Balance With Wood and Stone

Hygge is all about being cozy, but it also emphasizes the security that comes from more concrete surfaces. Natural materials like wood and stone help to ground your space and provide a beautiful contrast to thick rugs, plush pillows, and padded seating. If your home doesn’t feature wood and stone prominently in its design, you might consider incorporating pieces of furniture or decor made from those materials.


Make Room to Gather With Chairs and Tables

Being present for those you love is a central focus of the Hygge philosophy, asking you to let go of outside distractions and embrace meaningful time with the people you love. This mindset is reflected in abundant seating, but it also shines through in meals, games, and conversations held around the dinner table. Your furnishings should encourage you to embrace rich moments with the people that matter most in your life.


Finish the Space With Meaningful Accent Decor

Thoughtful accents are central to a Hygge home. Candle holders and lanterns add a touch of old-world charm, while faux-fur rugs and woven textiles help to insulate against the cold. Incense and reed diffusers can be used to incorporate relaxing home scents, and natural greenery in garlands and wreaths will refresh and revitalize the space. Try to avoid symmetrical patterns and designs in your decor, and opt instead for accents that create a welcoming, lived-in look.