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Craft Room Organization Ideas

Craft Room Organization Ideas

Organized Craft Room

A dedicated craft room is every crafter’s dream. Maintain a clean and orderly craft room and ensure that your supplies are easy to access with these creative ideas for craft room organization.


Make Everything Visible

Organized Craft Room Pegboard Image Provided by Sarah Hearts

Bright, colorful craft supplies add to the aesthetic of your craft room – don’t be afraid to store them in the open. A pegboard is a popular option for completely customizable craft organization that maintains a visual appeal. The versatility of a pegboard gives you the freedom to hang your supplies wherever you want and ensure that they are always within reach.


Or Hide It All Away

Organized Craft Room Storage Bins Image Provided by Persia Lou

For the crafter who prefers things to look simple and sleek, contained craft storage is typically preferred. Stack color coordinated boxes on open shelves, each adorned with a matching label. Drawers in a desk or dresser can house an array of materials – make sure to use drawer organizers to keep everything in order. If your craft room has a closet, use it to store large items and unsightly bits and pieces that could make your space feel cluttered.


Arrange Open Cubbies

Craft table with organized open cubbies

Cubbies aren’t just for kindergarten. These structures are perfect for organizing your craft supplies and ensuring that you can get to everything you need. You can opt for a wall of cubbies or a set that is table height, depending on the available space in your craft room. The benefit of cubbies over a typical bookshelf is that you can sort your supplies based on project or material and arrange them in their own cubby.


Hang Your Ribbon

White craft room organizer with dowels to hang ribbon.

A common supply in many craft projects, ribbon is a staple in most craft rooms. Show off your ribbon collection and keep it easy to access by making your own ribbon display. Simply attach a few wooden dowels across the width of an open picture frame and slide on your spools of ribbon. You’ll always be able to find the ribbon you’re looking for and cut off the amount you need with minimal effort.


Use Clear Jars

Clear Container Holiday Paint Brushes

Clear jars are a stylish way to store small odds and ends in your craft room. Plus, their see-through nature makes it easy to see the contents. Whether you’re sorting buttons, jewels, or mini pom-poms, a glass jar is the perfect storage solution. Large jars can even house chalk, crayons, or markers. Take advantage of the jars’ visual appeal by arranging them in plain view on a shelf or desk. You can even line them up by color for a fun rainbow effect.


Organize Based on Project

Knitting needles and yarn in a basket.

Whether you’re a multi-project crafter or always recreating projects that require the same materials, organizing your materials by project will simplify your crafting experience. Instead of putting individual items away, keep all the materials for the same project together so you can easily pick up where you left off. For example, storing scrapbooking supplies together or keeping everything you need for crocheting all in one place. Look for receptacles like plastic boxes, fabric bins, or sturdy baskets to house your project items.


Create Decorative Labels

Silhouette die cutting machine on a table with vinyl

Once your supplies are all put away, you can make labels to remind yourself where everything goes. Make use of those craft supplies to make your labels decorative. Stick-on chalkboard labels are easy to use and on trend — plus, you can get creative with the lettering. Labeling jars and drawer pulls with small scrapbooking tags is another charming organizational solution. If you want to get fancy and design the whole label, try a Silhouette die cutting machine.


Hang Fabric in the Closet

Printed fabric folded with scissors on top Image Provided by Karly Santiago

A common organization problem for quilters and seamstresses is finding a place to store all their fabric. The answer is simple: hangers. Clear out the closet in your craft room to make room for all your fabric. Skirt hangers with clips are best for gripping long, heavy fabrics while velvet hangers are useful for draping delicate fabrics. You can order the fabric within the closet in a way that is most logical to you, whether it’s by material, color, or pattern.


Re-Purpose Kitchen Essentials

Craft bar cart

Many craft materials can be organized like kitchen items. Jars of paint, cups of markers, and spools of thread are easy to access when stored on a lazy Susan. Use a spice rack to organize anything in jars or bottles. A bar cart is perfect for frequently used supplies and can be wheeled back into place when you’re done. You can avoid losing the end of your yarn by storing it in a funnel. Hang the funnel on the wall, place the yarn inside, and feed the free end through the bottom.

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