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Cool Room Ideas for Teens

Cool Room Ideas for Teens

Whether your teen wants a bedroom that fits their growing personality, or they're simply looking for a change of scenery, some simple decor changes can turn any bedroom into something awesome and unique. We've put together a list of our favorite cool bedroom ideas for teenagers with plenty of options to help your teen mix and match their way to the perfect bedroom look. Keep reading to check out our list of nine cool room ideas for teens.

Desert Chic Bedroom for Boho Teens

Drawing inspiration from arid dunes and pastel sunsets, this desert chic teen decor scheme combines elemental materials and handcrafted quality for a one-of-a-kind bedroom look. Rugs, throws, and pillows that feature woven Southwestern patterns help to ground the space, adding rich contrast to textured accents made from sheepskin, knit fibers, and distressed hardwoods. Bare walls take on new life when outfitted with intricately woven tapestries and frameless mirrors. Meanwhile potted succulents and large cacti provide a welcome touch of cool greenery to your teen’s room. Desert chic’s dusty pink, beige, and grey color scheme is radiant in bedding and other soft goods, pairing beautifully with accents made from copper, brass, and rose gold.


Urban Loft Bedroom for Hipster Teens

Trendy and fresh with a helping of street-side zest, this grounded decor scheme celebrates the look and feel of big city life. Metal is the material of choice in modern teen bedroom decor, adding industrial utility to everything from floor-standing shelf units to bed frames. This style’s black and grey palette pairs neatly with minimalist chairs and modern accent tables. Large cityscape prints make an arresting focal point next to wall-mounted street signs. And while you’ll probably want to steer clear of too many bright colors in this teen bedroom decor scheme, a few carefully integrated pops of color in accents and bedding can add just the right amount of playful flair.


Vintage Glam Bedroom for Future Starlets

A stunning choice for your budding teenage superstar, Vintage Glam takes its cues from glitzy 1920’s nightlife, emphasizing mirrored metallics, plush furniture, and sleek geometric patterns. While the palette used to capture this cute decor scheme can vary greatly depending on your teen’s preference, sticking to colors like black, white, gold, and blush pink will help you capture the classic glam look. Luxurious velvet upholstery shines with button-tufted details on sofas, armchairs, and accent pillows throughout the style, while clear acrylic dazzles in hardware and throughout furniture frames. Vintage art-deco paintings and wall decor make a striking statement for your teen’s room. Don’t forget to finish the space with an ultra-soft faux fur or shag rug underfoot.


Athletic Retreat Bedroom for Sports Enthusiasts

If sports are at the center of your teenager’s life, this teen bedroom style is for them. Drawing inspiration from the crisp lines and bright colors of athletic fields, this look revels in punchy patterns, modern shapes, and a neat and orderly layout. Vibrant colors are a popular choice in this energetic teen decor style, with vivid green, blue, and purple tones playing first string against neat grid and stripe patterns in black and white. Sports imagery looks great on bedding and blankets as well as in accent decor. You might even incorporate the equipment from your teen’s favorite sports as decoration. Your teen will love showing off their team spirit with banners and posters that represent their favorite athletic teams.


Traditional Bedroom for Sophisticated Teens

The mixture of preppy and traditional decor is perfect for creating a refined teen bedroom that’s both dignified and playful. This style builds on time-honored design principles like symmetry and complementary colors, and emphasizes soft lines and classic patterns. Simple bedding in solid colors with lined borders turns any bed into a striking centerpiece, while dark wood furniture and classy desk and floor lamps lend a dashing touch of cool, sophisticated detail. Monogrammed accents and accessories are a must in a preppy traditional teen bedroom, adding personalized charm to everything from throw pillows to your teen’s bathrobe.


Outdoorsy Escape Bedroom for Teen Nature Lovers

The ultimate style for teens who feel at home in the wide, wild wilderness, this handsome decor scheme is built on the rustic look and feel of log cabin living. Comfy fabrics like flannel and cotton add character and warmth to traditional plaid patterned bedding, and they make a gorgeous complement to animal hide rugs in earthy neutral tones. Natural log furniture provides some authentic outdoorsy personality for your teen’s room, and hunting accents like faux trophy heads and landscape paintings help to round off the space.


Beachy Keen Bedroom for Chic Surfers

Fresh and playful, this teen bedroom decor idea is inspired by tranquil seaside breezes and warm days at the beach. Pale turquoise accents make a pleasant complement to coral pink decorations, and both colors play pristinely against neat white furniture and textiles. Area rugs made from natural fibers can provide cute seaside personality, but more traditional options in coordinating colors often offer a bit more comfort underfoot. Coastal decor plays an important role in this teen bedroom style, with seashells, starfish, and glass bottles calling back to the serene beauty of a day at beach. Round off the space with some plush bedding that incorporates marine imagery and pleasant patterns.


Nautical Neat Bedroom for Preppy Teens

A clean take on the classic nautical design style, this teen bedroom look embraces updated versions of traditional maritime imagery like anchors, ship wheels, and lighthouses yet maintains the weathered charm. Striped bedding and throw pillows give your teen’s bedroom a familiar feel while crisp lines and saturated tones ensure a space that feels tidy and new. Decorate walls with traditional marine imagery like antique sailing charts and painted seascapes. Then use furniture made from dark wood with a natural finish to add stately distinction to your teen’s bed, dresser, and desk. Some pieces of sailor-themed decor may come off as a bit juvenile, but don’t be afraid to incorporate one or two carefully selected decorations to round off the space.

Whether you mix-and-match or stick to one style, you’re sure to revamp your teenager’s childhood bedroom into a teen dream getaway. Looking for more teen room inspiration? Our Teen Bedroom Ideas guide covers all the bases.