3 Ways to Decorate a Console Table

3 Ways to Decorate a Console Table

Whether it's in an entryway, hallway, or living room, a console table is the perfect way to show off your home decorating style. No matter which decor style you favor, you can create a gorgeous console table display in just a few easy steps.

Console tables are versatile pieces of furniture that are perfect for displaying certain pieces of home decor. They are long enough to display all your favorite decorations but still fit nicely in narrow entryways and small rooms without taking up a lot of space. Follow these three easy steps to put together a beautiful console table arrangement.

How to Style a Console Table Like a Pro

1. Start with Art

The wall behind your console table is the perfect space to draw attention to your arrangement. Hang a painting, an ornate mirror, or a collage of framed pictures to immediately catch the gaze of your guests and set a backdrop for the rest of your table decor.

2. Light It Up

Top your table with a stylish lamp, hang wall sconces, or place your table between floor lamps to bring some light to the area. This not only illuminates the decor but adds practical lighting to the room as well.

3. Balance It Out

Utilize the rest of the space with creative console table vignettes that flaunt your style. This includes items with various heights to balance the look on top, console table baskets for lower shelves, and possibly a pair of stools below the table or on the sides for seating and symmetry.

Farmhouse Console Table Decor Ideas

Earthy tones, natural textures, and metal accents mingle together seamlessly to create Farmhouse style. Like the heirloom furniture passed down from generation to generation on the farm, a quaint Farmhouse console table will give your home a timeless appeal.

Farmhouse Console Table Decor Ideas Farmhouse Console Table Decor Ideas

Farm Fresh Style

An antiqued or distressed wood console table is the perfect foundation for a Farmhouse arrangement. Choose a table with a dark stain for a Traditional look, or add Shabby Chic flair with a table that looks weathered from years of use in a country farmhouse. Start your decorating with some farm-inspired art, such as small statues, panels of painted wood, or canvas prints. Then, complement the art by bringing in natural accents. Live plants and flowers are perfect for bringing the outdoors in. Wire baskets, like the ones used on the farm for carrying bottles of milk or collecting eggs, are a great way to integrate aged metal while organizing or displaying items on your table. To complete the look, incorporate metal wall sconces with Edison-style bulbs to bring some beautiful barn-inspired lighting to the arrangement.

Traditional Conosle Table Decor Ideas

Traditional style is rooted in the feeling of an era gone by. The perfect setting for ornate decorations or classical art, a traditional console table will bring a feeling of class and splendor to your home.

Traditional Console Table Decor Ideas Traditional Console Table Decor Ideas

Timeless Taste

Beautifully crafted wood furniture is a staple of Traditional style. Choose a console table with carved legs and a natural finish to set the stage for the rest of your decor. A collection of framed artwork above the table will add an artistic touch and help solidify the style of your arrangement. Balance your table with a pair of elegant lamps, one on each side, and use stacks of bound books to adjust the height of tabletop decor while creating visual interest. For a little Victorian touch, tufted ottomans work as comfortable accents that can be used as extra seating or tucked under the table when not in use.

Modern Glam Console Table Decor Ideas

Satisfy your inner diva with a head-turning Modern Glam console table. With a combination of luxe accents and sleek design, Modern Glam style is all about being noticed.

Modern Glam Console Table Decor Ideas Modern Glam Console Table Decor Ideas

Getting Glitzy

The bold color scheme of Glam style and the futuristic aesthetic of Modern design are meant for each other. Start with a transparent glass console table to complement your color palette and let your console table decorations shine. Above the table, hang bold, eye-catching pieces of art. You may want to opt for the exaggerated look of pop art for added extravagance. Next, adorn your table with gold accents — a must-have for Glam style. A reflective gold lamp will help enhance the light in the room and brighten the arrangement, and small gold statues can add visual interest to your vignettes. Finally, soften up your display with a pair of plush chairs. High-back dinner chairs with a lively pattern will add a sense of opulence and comfort to the display while balancing the weight of the arrangement.