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Computer Desk Essentials

by Emily Lloyd

Wooden computer desk with slide-out keyboard

You may find that a well-stocked computer desk may be the difference between your success and failure. Whether you're a student or professional, there are certain computer desk essentials that you need in order to successfully finish assigned projects. You want your desk to be nice and neat in order to find things the minute you want them. By keeping your computer desk neat and clean, you not only improve the appearance of your room or office, but you'll also be highly organized and able to finish projects quickly. We've compiled a list of computer desk essentials to make organizing your home office furniture easier.

Essential for Computer Desks:

  1. Chair. Your office desk does you no good unless you have a comfortable office chair to sit on while working. The office chair should be of your own choosing and can be something simple like a stool, practical and useful like an ergonomic chair or something a little more fun, even a beanbag chair. Make sure the chair gives you plenty of back support, especially if you plan on sitting at your desk for hours at a time doing school work or other work projects. You'll also need to make sure it's at a proper height for the computer desk.

  2. Computer. While this seems obvious, it's important to realize that computer desks are built as highly efficient work spaces. They're designed to hold a laptop or desktop computer and still have enough room left over for the student or employee to work on other projects as well. Having enough room for your computer and monitor is important; you shouldn't sit too close to the screen. Leave plenty of room for your keyboard as well.

  3. Printer. An efficient computer desk will allow enough space for a printer. Having a printer nearby saves you time when you're in a hurry, either trying to print a school paper or a report for the boss.

  4. Lamp. Installing a lamp at your computer desk will also help you work better and faster. Instead of trying to see by the light of your monitor or laptop screen, you'll have a powerful lamp to illuminate your working space when you're working against that surprise midnight deadline.

  5. Notepad or sticky notes. These handy little notepads and sticky notes are exceptionally useful when it comes to jotting down an idea, phone number or address that you can just take with you. Invest in a trendy pencil holder to improve the look of your computer desk and keep your pens and pencils close by. A word of caution, however: Never leave a computer or bank account password or any kind of personal information lying on your computer desk.

  6. Trash can. Keeping a trash can close by your office desk goes a long way towards keeping your work area clean and organized, which means you can continue to be efficient in your work.

  7. Personal items. These items can range from treasured photographs of friends and family members to collectible items, like artwork or figurines. Personal items decorate and personalize your computer desk and make your office a more comfortable place to work.

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