Best Area Rug Styles to Try in Your Home

Best Area Rug Styles to Try in Your Home

Every area rug style has something unique to offer, no matter the pattern. Adding a stylish area rug to your home protects your floors while giving your decor a finished look. Choosing the right rug style can keep your home focused rather than busy. Read on to learn about our twelve most popular area rug styles.

Shag Rugs

a sitting room featuring a grey shag style rug

Shag rugs feature a high-pile construction, so they’re soft, plush, and luxe to the touch. Though this fluffy rug style may remind you of the ’70s, modern shag rugs aren’t all retro. With a wide range of shag rug colors and patterns to choose from, you can add texture and upscale polish to any space. Read our shag rug guide to get more tips on styling a shag rug.


Contemporary Style Rugs

contemporary style rug with an abstract blue and white pattern

The landscape of contemporary design shifts often, so you may be wondering what makes this rug style special. Compared to the stark lines of modern design, contemporary style takes on a softer look. In this rug style, you can find traditional motifs — such as trellis, chevron, and abstract prints — reinvented. Think changes to the pattern’s scale coupled with updated color palettes.


Vintage Style Rugs

pink and blue vintage style rug

Vintage rugs are another trendy style. You’ll find these well-worn rugs in traditional homes and hip boho lofts alike. If you’re looking to buy a genuine antique rug, then be prepared to spend in the thousands. However, you may want a quality vintage-style rug at a fraction of the price. Look for traditional patterned rugs with distressed coloring instead. You’ll still get all the allure of vintage in a brand-new rug.



Traditional Style Rugs

traditional style rug in a contemporary minimalist living room

Traditional rugs are a decor staple in many American homes, and they’re easy to spot due to their complex patterns. Persian motifs such as vines, flowers, and scrollwork are the main features for this rug style. Because traditional rugs have filled borders, they’re perfect for defining or centering spaces like dining and living rooms.


For more on this rug style, read our list of top traditional rugs, hand-picked by interior design pros.


Bohemian Style Rugs

a circular fringed boho rug with a colorful moroccan rug

Both whimsical and stylish, Bohemian rugs have vibrant color palettes and eclectic patterns. Flatwoven techniques and natural fiber materials are typical of the boho rug style. The key to nailing a boho look with area rugs? Layer multiple rugs, of course. Opt for rugs with either fringy details or a weathered appearance to capture the boho vibe.


Check out our stylists’ favorite boho rugs for more boho rug ideas.


Modern Style Rugs

a black and white modern rug in a modern living room

Modern area rugs can either be a neutral design element to center a living space or a statement maker. Look for low-pile hook-and-loop or cut-loop rugs to best show off your rug’s pattern. Whether it’s abstract in contrasting colors or a subtle ombre is up to you. Not sure how to decorate with a modern rug? You want your floor decor to complement your furniture rather than overpower it. So if the rest of the room has a minimalist vibe, a bold modern rug will be just right.


Modern rugs don’t just come in black and white. Read our Top 8 Modern Rugs guide for more color combos.


Transitional Style Rugs

grey faded transitional style rug

The transitional style trend blends modern and classic design, pulling cues from both traditional and contemporary decor. Simple yet suave, these rugs often have muted color palettes. Classic patterns like vines, scrollwork, and medallions are frequently found in this rug style. If you like blending old and new in your home, then a transitional rug is the style for you.


Mid-Century Modern Style Rugs

mid-century modern rug with stripe and cirlce pattern in a home office

Just like the interior design style they’re named for, Mid-Century Modern rugs are bold, bright, and eye-catching. Rather than blending in with the floor, Mid-Century Modern rugs stand out on purpose. Saturated hues are the hallmark of this rug style, as are large-scale patterns. Look for low-pile rugs in bold colors and abstract shapes to rock this retro style.


Southwestern Style Rugs

a southwestern style rug in a desert sitting room

Typically flatwoven with a blanket-like texture, Southwestern-style rugs work well in both rustic and boho-chic homes. Earth tones are most common for this rug style’s color palette. Meanwhile, the style’s angular geometrics stem from weaving techniques and motifs developed by the peoples of the U.S.’s desert regions. Want to incorporate desert-chic style in a contemporary home? You can find Southwestern rugs in bright neon hues or jewel tones that match a wide range of interiors.



Moroccan Style Rugs

black and white moroccan style rug

Perhaps no rug style is as distinct as the Moroccan rug. However, not all rugs from this category look the same. Familiar criss cross or zig zag patterns inspired by Beni Ourain designs are easy to find in both hand-made and machine-made rugs. Trellis patterns and latticework also appear in Morrocan rugs. You can find this rug style in subdued neutrals and multicolor designs, which means there’s a unique Moroccan rug that can suit any home.


Read 8 Ways to Decorate With a Moroccan Rug for tips on styling your new rug.


Shabby Chic Style Rugs

pastel colored shabby chic area rug

For a cozy, lived-in style that exudes femininity and charm, get the Shabby Chic look with an inviting area rug. Flat-weave and short-pile rugs that feature soft pastel hues like pink, mint green, and light blue will add a touch of cottage charm to your space. Neutral rugs with colorful florals or damask-inspired prints are sure to sweeten your room with vintage appeal. For more inspiration, check out our guide to Shabby Chic Furniture & Decor.


Nautical & Coastal Style Rugs

natural fiber blue and tan coastal style area rug

Capture the comfort of a coastal bungalow with a stylish area rug that offers casual style. For a beach house look, choose a color palette inspired by the sea. Seafoam green, ocean blue, sandy neutrals, and vivid coral will brighten your space with nautical charm. Layer rugs in soft neutrals and bright hues in stripe or trellis patterns to give your room an updated Coastal look. Get the look with our guide to Coastal Furniture & Decor.

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