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Comforter Sets vs. Bed-in-a-Bag Sets

Comforter Sets vs. Bed-in-a-Bag Sets

Yellow comforter set on bed
Comforter sets and bed-in-a-bag sets offer a more practical solution to individual linen purchases, especially when you can't find matching or coordinating items in the sizes needed for your bed. Matched bedding sets like comforter sets and bed-in-a-bag sets are similar in that they offer the basic trappings needed to make your bedroom more attractive, but they differ in a few key ways. This article about comforter sets vs. bed-in-a-bag sets should help you figure out how comforter sets and bed-in-a-bag will vary.
Yellow comforter set on bed

It’s in the Bag

A bed-in-a-bag set, or bedding ensemble, contains all the basic linens you need to outfit a bare mattress (except a mattress pad or mattress topper). A bed-in-a-bag ensemble includes a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and two pillow cases, plus a comforter or duvet cover and decorative shams. A bedskirt and decorative pillows might be included as well as matching window valances.


Comforter Coordination

Comforter sets differ from bed-in-a-bag sets in that they don’t contain sheets and pillow cases. A basic comforter set is sold with a comforter and two decorative pillow shams. A deluxe comforter set may also include a bedskirt, additional decorative shams and several decorative throw pillows. Like bed-in-a-bag sets, comforter sets may include valances for your windows.


Smart Choice

Purchasing either a comforter set or a bed-in-a-bag takes the frustration out of selecting bedding items individually. Both types of sets are available in a variety of colors and patterns, from festive prints to floral pastels to sleek contemporary designs. Comforter sets and bedding ensembles are both made for all sizes of beds, including twins, doubles, queens, kings and California kings.


Buy What You Need

If you’re starting out with a new bed or if you want to change the entire theme of your bedroom, a bed-in-a-bag may be the best bet. It includes all the pieces required to totally change your look without purchasing anything extra. If you already have your basic linen lineup, a comforter set may be the optimal choice; that way, you don’t have extra bedding ensemble items that may not match.