ComforPedic™ from BeautyRest™ Memory Foam Mattress Buying Guide

ComforPedic™ from BeautyRest™ Memory Foam Mattress Buying Guide

comforpedic by beautyrest memory foam mattress
Sweet dreams are made of what? Snuggling up in your ComforPedic™ from BeautyRest™ memory foam mattress. While some memory foam mattresses make you feel trapped and like you can’t move, BeautyRest™ has created a memory foam mattress that offers freedom of movement while providing pressure point relief to your deserving body.

Additionally, the innovative AirCool™ technology channels away heat to assure a comfortable sleep night after night. Revolutionary advancements aren’t limited to mattresses alone, but packaging as well. The ComforPedic™ from BeautyRest™ comes rolled in a bag, making it much easier to ship, maneuver, and unpack than a bed-in-a-box. Made in the USA, the ComforPedic™ line of memory foam mattresses are made exclusively for Overstock™ by BeautyRest™, a global leader in memory foam technology.
comforpedic by beautyrest memory foam mattress


Memory Foam

Have you forgotten what it feels like to get a good night’s sleep? A ComforPedic™ by BeautyRest™ memory foam mattress will help you remember. With three layers of support, the AirCool™ memory foam responds to your body heat, keeping you cool while you sleep. It also redistributes your body weight to improve circulation and give you a truly satisfying night of rest.

Gel Memory Foam

Every ComforPedic™ from BeautyRest™ is constructed of revolutionary AirCool™ memory foam, but the gel technology featured in the gel memory foam mattress provides optimal body temperature control by dissipating heat. With four layers for comfort and support, nighttime will be your favorite time with a ComforPedic™ from BeautyRest™ gel memory foam mattress.

Solid Support

Have you ever had your mattress sag? ComforPedic™ from BeautyRest™ has the solution. ComforPedic™ memory foam mattresses offer reinforced edge support, which gives increased stability when you’re sitting or sleeping near the edge. And don’t forget your mattress needs support too! When you purchase a set, the wood foundation provides a solid base for your memory foam mattress. The foundation requires a screwdriver for easy assembly and features a slipcover to coordinate with your ComforPedic™ memory foam mattress.

Comfort Level

Do you prefer to sink in plushy comfort before drifting off? Or do you need a firm mattress for a good night’s sleep? With ComforPedic™ from BeautyRest™, you choose the level of comfort and support that’s best for you.

Firm 8 inches tall
Luxury Firm 10 inches tall
Medium 12 inches tall
Plush 14 inches tall