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WGSN Color of the Year 2023: Digital Lavender

WGSN Color of the Year 2023: Digital Lavender

This guide is part of our Overstock Stylist Commentary series, home design tips written by industry experts.


by Amber Dunford
Style Director

Hello! I’m Amber and I’m the Style Director here at Overstock. My background is in interior design and I have a master’s degree in psychology. I love combining these two areas of study to show how homes can provide a sense of emotional well-being. In addition to designing beautiful spaces for Overstock, I teach Design Psychology at Salt Lake Community College. My favorite spaces use natural color palettes, imperfect shapes, and unique pieces that have a story.


How would you incorporate Digital Lavender into the home?

My go-to with bolder colors is to balance them with a nice range of neutrals. I love the unexpected pairing you get when a neutral space includes a little jolt of color throughout. For example, if you’re working with larger neutral pieces, like seating or wood furniture, then try sliding in a mostly neutral rug with a hint of lavender (it can be part of the print or weave). A playful art piece that includes this fun hue can liven up a space and immediately give it a more modern vibe.

Do you recommend using Digital Lavender as more of an accent color or as a main color in a space?

This is a color I would avoid using in large doses as it can overpower the space and lose the positive psychological impacts. I would suggest using it as a beautiful hue for floor-to-ceiling window drapery against a dusty toned wall, perhaps in a pale grey-blue or watery blush color. Or some chalky lavender throw pillows on a soft white sofa. This will help this purple retain its calming characteristics and give you a fun and dramatic flair to your space.

Is there a room where this color would work best?

I can honestly see it working in many spaces — bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, sitting parlors. To me, it really depends on the pairing with other colors and the amount you use throughout the space. I can see it working really nicely in a living room if it’s paired with moodier hues like warm greys, blues, and earth tones.

How does Digital Lavender make someone feel psychologically?

As with many colors, the psychological impacts vary based on which colors they’re paired with. On its own, this soft lavender shade has some calming properties due to its lack of saturation (in contrast to Pantone’s Very Peri last year). When paired with a range of neutrals, you can enhance its calming energy. However when paired with more contrasting hues, like citrus yellow or tangerine, this color becomes more energizing.

How will Digital Lavender affect the mood?

As a single color, Digital Lavender can feel calming or enlightening, as it’s often associated with creativity and deep thought. In application, this color is often tied to health and wellness, while also being tied to more digital realms — so it spans a few different directions depending on how it’s used. In a more serene space paired with plant life and wood materials, you’ll feel its relaxing effects. When paired with more tech elements, like chrome or black, you might glean more of its energizing properties.

Is Digital Lavender a more soothing shade or a more energizing one?

On its own it’s a bit more soothing, given its tie to calming elements like crystals or lavender herbs. When paired with a warmer color from the color wheel, however, you’ll likely get a boost of energy and a sense of activity.

Any color combinations to avoid?

I hate saying no to any color combination, as it’s so subjective and left to your own personal preference. However, I might avoid pairing this color with an abundance of white and chrome. In my opinion, this combination can feel too clinical and cold, so I prefer to warm it up with softer combinations.

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