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Colonial Style Decor

Colonial Style Decor

Whether you're driving along the Maine coast or exploring inland Vermont and Connecticut, you'll discover the Northeast is dotted with homes that have aged gracefully. Built with utility in mind, they have evolved into a landmark style characteristic of America's northeastern coastlines and rolling landscapes.

How to Bring New England Style Home

From hardy clapboard siding and cool grey interiors to structured brick homes with upscale baroque details, Colonial-style decor is the timeless look of early America. It's down to earth without sacrificing style, reminiscent of early settlers who didn't have much but still enjoyed some of the luxuries they brought from their homeland. If you long for the classic, crisp feel of a traditional New England home, you're in for a treat — read on to learn how you can style your own Colonial haven with simple elegance and cozy accents.

New England Color Palette

Color Palette

This Colonial color palette is all about moody contrast. Keep the color scheme cool and deep with dark sea-foam green, navy, and grey-blue accents. These colors add a nautical element to the interior while making room for contrast — white wainscoting, pale furniture, and other fair elements pop against this color palette.

Colonial Style Essentials

New England style craftsman hutch

Craftsman Elements

Colonial style has roots in early American Puritan culture. While it incorporates Georgian elements like symmetry and grand, high ceilings, it also embraces the raw beauty of Puritan craftsmanship. In your Colonial decor, mix in carpentry benches, rough wood shelves, and other craftsman pieces.

New England style portaiture


Don't leave your walls bare! Rich portraiture is a luxe touch and an essential in Colonial decor. Look for portraits that incorporate soft but dramatic brushstrokes, and evoke the art style of the Early Romantic period. While some of the paintings are of British and Danish origin, these styles influenced early American art and will be right at home in the elegance of traditional New England decor.

New England style patterns


Though Colonial style is all about understated elegance, patterns make delicate appearances throughout the space to add depth. Classic china vases and dishes offer familiar scrolling blue-and-white patterns, while toile wallpaper adds drama and French-style flair.

Colonial Style Dining Room

New England Style Dining Room

A Colonial dining room sports early American charm with utilitarian elements. A long, sturdy table makes room for everyone to enjoy a meal by the crackling fire. Sleek, black spindle chairs lend high-gloss style without being clunky or taking up too much room. Play up fun patterns by incorporating toile wallpaper into your dining room decor. A china hutch is the perfect, practical way to show off your best serving pieces and keep them accessible when it's time to set the table.

New England Style Dining Room chairs
New England Style Dining Room

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New England Style Dining Room collage

Colonial Style Living Room

New England Style Living Room

Colonial living rooms are all at once cozy and parlor-like. Cream upholstery, sturdy brick, and wood make the living room welcoming, while elegant portraits and mantle decor create the perfect place to entertain guests. Upscale accents and patterns mingle with antiqued armchairs and a comfortable couch to create the feeling of a formal room that is also inviting.

New England Style Living Room chairs
New England Style Living Room with firplace

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New England Style Living Room collage

Colonial Style Bedroom

New England Style Bedroom

In a Colonial style bedroom, think classic comfort and no-nonsense elegance. A four-poster bed and floor-to-ceiling curtains add drama and European flair while accenting the high ceiling. Keep the room airy with white walls and pale accents. Then create cozy depth with deep navy sheets and lamps. While the rest of the room is sleek and polished, ground it with a jute rug for a contemporary touch to contrast with the dark wood floors.

New England Style Bedroom with bed
New England Style Bedroom with desk

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New England Style Bedroom collage
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