College Dorm Checklist

College Dorm Checklist

Going off to college is an intimidating time in anyone’s life, but living on your own doesn’t have to be a daunting ordeal. Preparation is the key to a stress-free transition into your first dorm, and knowing what you need to buy with a college dorm checklist is an important part of that.

No matter where you get your higher education, there are a few things every student needs for a new dorm room space. Check out our checklist of the most popular dorm room essentials for college students.

Simple Dorm Storage

Every college student is busy, and it’s easy to let simple things like dirty clothing pile up on the floor. You can keep the mess to a minimum with a convenient laundry hamper. Over-the-door hanging racks keep your outerwear accessible and off the floor, and can also be a great place to hang your towel when it’s not in use. Hangers are important for keeping your clothes neat and wrinkle-free. Look for slim hangers to maximize small closet spaces. Velvet hangers are versatile and prevent silky materials from sliding off. For larger dorm closets, consider a full-on closet organizer system.

Many dorm rooms include desk space to make studying a bit easier. You can keep your desk neat and ready for any last-minute studying with a stylish desk organizer for papers and writing utensils. Storage baskets are a great place to keep supplies, and many are stackable, which helps you save space in smaller apartments.

Dorm Bedroom Basics

Most dorm room beds are twin size, so you’ll want at least one pillow for sleeping and maybe another if your duvet cover set includes a sham. While it’s unlikely you forgot about sheets for your dorm room bed, it can be a good idea to invest in a second set to use when your first set is in the laundry. Duvet covers make it easy to showcase your unique sense of dorm style and make cleaning your bedding a breeze. Every duvet cover needs a quality comforter to go with it, and there are plenty of comforters that cater to a variety of temperature and heaviness preferences. Make sure you’re up and ready to go on time every morning with a reliable mattress pad and topper. The extra layer of comfort will help you get that much-needed sleep.

Dorm Furniture

Nothing is more important than study essentials. Like college itself, your desk represents an investment in your future. Invest in a quality work station and office chair to set yourself up for success. It can keep your notebooks, writing utensils, and laptop safe as you go throughout your school day. When you’re writing those papers, keep your desk well-lit and your class notes in focus with a stylish desk lamp. You may also find it beneficial to have a futon for those times when you need a cozy spot to catch up on readings or to rest between long study sessions.

Dorm Decor

Dress up blank dorm walls with fresh artwork to help liven up your room. You can find an area rug in a variety of unique designs that are great for adding character and style to your dorm room space. While space may be limited, a compact dorm room chair with a comfy throw pillow is a great place to sit back, relax, and study in comfort.

You can bring silk plants into your dorm for a bit of decoration that won’t require time-consuming care. Good lighting is an important part of enjoying any space. You can ensure a well-illuminated dorm room space with a stylish floor lamp, or catch up on shut-eye between classes with blackout curtains.

Dorm Kitchen Must-Haves

Even if paper plates are easier to clean up, having your own set of reusable dishes, flatware, and cups can help you feel like you’re really in your own place. They also come in handy throughout the day. For example, carrying a water bottle as you go about your school day is a great way to stay healthy and hydrated.

Coffee makers are also a dorm necessity, perfect for making that fresh cup in the morning and that after-hours jolt for late-night study sessions. For taking a packed lunch to campus, consider reusable containers. It makes it easy to keep food fresh and stretch your dining budget each week.

Dorm Bathroom Necessities

Not only are bathrobes a cozy piece of loungewear, but they also make it easy to walk to and from the dorm bathroom and your bedroom without any unpleasant exposure. You should also invest in a bath towel and larger bath sheet that you can carry with you when you go to shower. You can keep all your necessary toiletries neatly organized and easy to take back and forth to the shower in a charming, water-resistant shower caddy. Make sure to also look for a wastebasket that matches your dorm decor.

If you have a more private bathroom space in your dorm, then a sink-side toothbrush holder can make it convenient to keep your pearly whites pearly white. You can limit shower spills and keep your feet off cold bathroom tile with a coordinated bath mat set.