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College Apartment Organization Tips

College Apartment Organization Tips

College Apartment Organization

Whether you have two, four, six, or more people in your apartment, organization is the key to having an enjoyable living experience. Fitting everyone’s belongings into one apartment is possible with the right tools and strategies. Here are seven easy ideas that can make organizing your college apartment a breeze.


Have a Rack for Coats, Shoes & Backpacks

Coat Rack

Do you and your roommates to throw your coats, backpacks, and shoes on the floor when you get home? Unfortunately, this habit can quickly lead to a dirty and cramped space. Keep your apartment organized by placing a coat rack and shoe organizer by your front door. After a long day of school, work, or both, it will help prevent clutter. It also creates a visually appealing entryway.


Keep the Pantry Organized

Organized Pantry

Anyone living with college roommates knows the struggle of organizing the pantry. Especially if you don’t have a lot of shelf space. Clear up any confusion by having everyone in the apartment use a basket or two with their name on it. By labeling your things, you’ll be able to store your food separately and keep counters clear. To prevent further clutter, use a spice rack to corral smaller bottles.


Use a Dish Rack to Make Dishes Easier

Every college apartment has some difficulty with cleaning dishes. It might be due to small kitchen spaces or not having a dishwasher. A dish rack provides a space to put washed dishes and makes it easy to track whose turn it is to do them. Leave dishes in the rack to dry or towel dry them and fill it up again if you have a lot of dishes to wash.


Use a Chalkboard for Reminders


Between classes, exams, work, and socializing, it’s likely that your roommates are constantly in and out of your apartment. This can makes organizing a quick apartment meeting tricky. Use a chalkboard for reminders, events, or anything else of importance. An apartment message board can be a helpful tool for keeping everyone on the same page. Be sure to put it in a central location where everyone is sure to see it.


Stick to TV Stands

TV Stand

Having multiple roommates makes it difficult to store everyone’s possessions in the living room. To skip out on any potential apartment clutter, opt for a TV stand. These units provide ample storage space for DVD players, movies, books, remotes, and much more. Search for a TV stand with closed cabinets. It’s still organized, but you don’t have to worry about keeping every item perfectly in place.


Separate Shower Products

Bathroom Cabinets

With so many people using one or two bathrooms, keeping them clean takes some effort. Separating your shower products is one great way to keep things tidy. Organize by using cabinets. Separate baskets keep your products together and stop bottles from crowding your shower. Your clutter-free bathroom will feel cleaner and more spacious.


Take Advantage of Closet Organizers

Closet System

When it comes to apartment closets, squeezing two wardrobes into one space is no small feat. Invest in a closet organizer to keep things neat while creating extra storage. Closet organizers help make space for every part of your college wardrobe, including shoes, jewelry, purses, and much more.

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