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Top 7 Trendy Coffee Table Materials

Top 7 Trendy Coffee Table Materials

The coffee table is where so much of your life is lived — from planning and chatting with friends to enjoying drinks and snacks or playing games. It’s the focal point in any living room or den. To ensure it serves you effectively, you need to get coffee tabletop materials that meet your specific needs. Keep reading to get the leg up on the pros and cons of popular coffee table materials.


Wooden Coffee Tables for Durable Utility

Wooden coffee tables are sturdy, ensuring they last through years of coffee dates and board game wear and tear. You can get wooden coffee tables with turned legs and scroll details to complete your traditional-style home. A weathered wood design is more family-friendly, telling stories of after-dinner chats and reminding you of the people there. If you don’t mind scratches and nicks becoming part of your coffee table’s design, reclaimed wood and weathered coffee tables are ideal. Any minor scratches made by children or pets become part of the beauty of the coffee table. To care for your wooden coffee table, wipe it regularly with a clean cloth. Prevent water rings by giving your guests coasters and trays to balance their wine glasses.


Glass Coffee Tables for Elegant Charm

Glass coffee tables create an airy aesthetic. Their reflective surfaces make them suitable for living rooms that need to look a bit lighter and brighter. However, if your living room has dark furniture or earthy vibes, you can opt for a coffee table with a tinted glass. These tabletops help enhance a living room’s cocooning feel.

Most glass tables use tempered safety glass, which resists scratches and heat. It also doesn’t shatter when it’s bumped into, making it safe for your kitten to climb on. If you have a beautiful rug, a coffee table with a glass tabletop ensures the patterns and designs are not blocked from view. However, keep your glass cleaner nearby. There’s no way around fingerprints.


Marble Coffee Tables for Timeless Appeal

Marble tabletops are a symbol of luxury. They ooze elegance and timeless appeal. Place a marble coffee table in your living room and watch the visual interest skyrocket. Guests will have conversations about the classic beauty, unique charm, and veining intensity of your marble coffee table. However, marble can be heavy and bulky and might not be the best option if you move around a lot. This material stains easily and may not be ideal if red wine or foods that stain are often on your menu. To ensure your marble coffee table remains has lasting beauty, wipe it clean with a dry cloth and cover it with placemats or tablecloths.


Metal Coffee Tables for Practical Functionality

Enjoy conversations with family and friends while gathered around a metal coffee table. Metal is a sturdy material that delivers the durable utility of wooden tables at a lower price point. You can get an all-metal coffee table for an industrial edge or a mixed-material coffee table that features a metal frame and a glass tabletop to complement your modern space.


If you have young children or receive guests that may spill milk or wine onto your table, you should opt for a metal tray coffee table with a lipped edge to ensure your carpet remains stain-free. However, if you like something that draws attention and is a conversation starter in your home, opt for a drum-shaped metal coffee table with a hammered finish for visual and tactile texture. Metal coffee tables may have a powder-coated finish for durability and are easy to care for by wiping the surface clean with a damp cloth.


Leather Coffee Tables for the Right Dose of Cool

Coffee tables with leather upholstery offer added functionality in your living room. They often do double duty as footrests, allowing you to kick your feet up while you watch your football games. Leather is a tough material that’s easy to maintain by wiping with a damp cloth. Leather lends visual warmth to your space and gives it a more masculine feel, making it ideal for dens and man caves. The neutral color goes with everything without diluting its luxurious appeal, making it easy to coordinate with colorful recliners or area rugs. Leather’s patina changes over time, giving it a lived-in look. If you have young ones that often eat snacks at the coffee table, stay away from leather coffee tables with tufts as they tend to be crumb collectors.


Rattan Coffee Tables for a Touch of Tropical Flair

Rattan coffee tables feature a natural texture for tactile beauty. They often lend a relaxed and easy-going vibe to your living room or den. These coffee tables are ideal if you want to create an indoor-outdoor look in your home or if you wish to complement the existing coastal feel. Rattan is a high-end but approachable material that can help you lend a luxurious resort style to your home. Decorate your rattan coffee table with tropical blooms such as hibiscus and bougainvillea and serve up a tray of Pina Coladas garnished with cocktail umbrellas as you and your friends plan your next sun-soaked getaway.


Acrylic Coffee Tables for Versatility

Acrylic coffee tables are clear and resemble glass, lending form and functionality to your space without interfering. Although their minimal design often complements contemporary spaces, acrylic coffee tables can work well in traditional and eclectic rooms due to their transparent finish. These tables do not add any visual weight to your living room, making them suitable for smaller or more compact spaces. If you have a colorful rug that you don’t want to cover up, a transparent acrylic table can allow the patterns to take center stage. This material is also ideal for monochromatic color schemes as it neither adds nor detracts from the palette. An acrylic table can keep a traditional-style living room that features lots of ornamentation and patterns from feeling cluttered.


To clean your acrylic coffee table, wipe gently with a microfiber cloth and dust using a feather duster. Avoid glass cleaners on acrylic surfaces as they could damage it and leave it cloudy looking.