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Coated Topaz Jewelry Fact Sheet

by Angela Tague

Coated Topaz

Topaz is a popular gemstone because it is beautiful, versatile and available in a wide range of prices. Common colors of topaz include blue, white, pink and gold. Topaz can also be coated with a layer of film to change the color and enhance the appearance. Some of the more popular coated topaz gem varieties include mystic topaz, ecstasy topaz, mercury mist topaz, Neptune garden topaz and twilight fire topaz. These brilliant, beautiful topaz gems are unique and are often set into beautiful pieces of jewelry. Coated topaz jewelry, like rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings can bring a splash of color to any ensemble.

What You Need to Know:

  1. Color choices. Gemstones are often valued for their hues. Coated topaz offers a unique range of colors that aren't available in other gems. Mystic topaz, for example, exhibits an otherworldly combination of purple, red and green hues, with different shades showing themselves from different angles. Mercury mist topaz is a great option for anyone who loves the pink, white and blue shades of opals. Twilight fire topaz brings a range of orange, pink and yellow hues to the gemstone world. Neptune garden topaz mimics blue sapphires and aquamarine gems with blue, green and purple brilliance. Other coated topaz color choices include bright pink and gold stones and fiery orange gems.

  2. Coating process. Coated topaz stones usually start out as white topaz. The clear topaz stone with an absence of color is the perfect canvas for creating beautiful, artistic hues. A gem expert then covers the topaz with a film to give the stones their shining, colorful beauty. An expert might experiment with different hues or stick to one popular type of coated topaz to create gems that are perfect for a variety of jewelry pieces.

  3. Identification. Enhancements are common in the gem world. A qualified and honest jeweler will carefully specify what types of enhancements and alterations have been made to gemstones. A "C" is commonly used to denote a gem that has been coated. Coated gems can either be enhanced with a film or type of lacquer to bring out the stone's best qualities.

  4. Care. Although topaz is a fairly hard gem, coated topaz should be cared for thoughtfully and gently. If coated topaz is scratched, the beautifully colored coating may be compromised. Remove coated topaz jewelry when performing manual labor, handling household chemicals or participating in sports. Never clean coated topaz jewelry with an ultrasonic cleaner or any products containing chemicals. Warm soapy water and a soft brush are recommended for cleaning coated topaz. Store your coated topaz jewelry apart from other jewelry pieces to avoid scratching.

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