Coastal Patio Ideas

Coastal Patio Ideas

Coastal outdoor furniture invites all the beauty and relaxation of an oceanside oasis. Forget your passport and your luggage — all you need is the perfect coastal patio furniture to escape. With this guide, walk out to a tropical paradise just past your back door, even if you’re landlocked.

Coastal Patio Dining Sets

Serve your favorite seafood linguine around a coastal patio dining set. It’s the ideal way to decompress from the day as you reminisce over beach memories. With a wicker base, you can replicate the look of seaside reeds and grasses. A tropical teak hardwood can also set the scene. Either all-weather texture will hold up beautifully through all your al fresco meals. Look for a table with a sea-glass inspired top. It has a coastal feel and makes for quick clean-up after gathering with family and friends.

Coastal Patio Furniture Sets

Coastal patio furniture sets invite everyone to cozy up and relax. It’s easy to match your chairs to your wicker dining set with an earthy brown tone. Any light wood tones or whitewashed finishes will keep with the gentle calm of a beach vibe. Weathered driftwood frames, for example, take after the pieces you collect on your beach trips. Adding an X-back on chairs can also add a casual coastal detail. Arrange classic Adirondack chairs on your patio for a laid-back seating option. Or circle your seating around a fire pit and pretend you’re enjoying a bonfire on the beach.

Coastal Patio Cushions

Coastal patio cushions add softness to make your space even more tranquil. A neutral color scheme with whites and tans can create an elegant coastal look. But don’t be afraid to work in some pops of color. Cushions can bring in coral, turquoise, navy, and seafoam green to reflect the brighter side of the ocean. And if you just can’t pass up on a cute crab or palm tree cushion, don’t be shy. A few stylized pieces can add personality without crossing into kitschy coastal territory.

Coastal Patio Rugs

Can’t sink your toes into warm sand? You can always pamper your feet with a weather-resistant outdoor rug. For a strong nautical feel, contrast bold navy stripes with beachy neutrals. These would be cloudy whites or pebble greys to fit with an ocean ambiance. You can pull in playful color and an overt beach theme with palm leaves, coral, or seashell motifs. Simple rug patterns in seafoam green and rich blue tones can also boast a coastal color scheme.

Coastal Patio Lighting

When the sun sets, coastal patio lighting creates a warm, welcoming glow. You can continue lounging outdoors with wall-mounted lantern fixtures or seeded glass shades. It’s chic patio lighting you might see on a coastal cottage. Create your own coastal breezes with an outdoor ceiling fan. Wide wicker blades and whitewashed or driftwood finishes will complete your beach-themed patio.

With a dreamy coastal patio space, you can soothe your soul as you unwind alone or with loved ones. Explore all the style has to offer in our full guide to Coastal Furniture & Decor. Or keep searching for outdoor inspiration with our Patio Styles Guide.