14 Awesome Christmas Gift Ideas for Boyfriends

14 Awesome Christmas Gift Ideas for Boyfriends

Finding the right Christmas gift for your boyfriend doesn't have to be a challenge. No matter his personality and interests, there's a gift he's sure to love. Check out these 14 awesome Christmas gift ideas for your boyfriend and find the perfect gift to show him just how much he means to you.

1. Personal Grooming Supplies

Whether your boyfriend sports a lumberjack beard or keeps his face neat and smooth, grooming essentials make great gifts that will keep him looking his best. A new set of trimmers and a bottle of beard oil can keep his facial hair looking fresh and maintained, while a luxury shaving kit complete with a badger-hair brush will give him the best shave possible.

2. Tool Set

Your boyfriend doesn’t have to be a handyman to appreciate having the right tools for the job. A basic tool set will give him everything he needs to tackle minor home repairs and tasks. Look for sets that include a hammer, screwdrivers, wrenches, a tape measure, and a level to make getting things done around the house a breeze.

3. Smart Watch

Watch his eyes light up when he unwraps a smart watch this Christmas. Smart watches are convenient, high tech, and fun. Whether he’s sending texts, getting the latest scores, or just checking the time, he’ll be excited about the new piece of wearable tech on his wrist. Make sure you get a brand that’s compatible with his smartphone so he can get the most out of his new accessory.

4. Fashion Watch

A fashionable analog watch is perfect for the boyfriend who prefers a more traditional timepiece. Take some time browsing the different materials and watch types and find one that’s versatile enough to work with multiple outfits. A watch is a great fashion accessory for men, and it’s totally okay to own more than one. Help your boyfriend feel his best with a fashion watch that complements his look.

5. Cologne

Buying cologne is a perfect way to treat your man. Whether you’re gifting a bottle of his signature scent or surprising him with something bold and new, cologne makes a great gift. Choose from offerings by well-known brands and celebrities to find that perfect fragrance you’ll always remember him by.

6. Barware

Some drinks are just better in the right kind of glass. Get your boyfriend a set of tumblers or shot glasses for fun get-togethers with friends or just an occasional nightcap. One way to make this gift more unique is to buy a personalized glass with his initials or a logo. Start his collection off right with classy barware that will change how he enjoys his drinks.

7. Bluetooth Speaker

A Bluetooth speaker is a perfect gift for the boyfriend who already seems to have it all. These wireless speakers are able to pick up signals from his phone or smart device and play music or audio without being physically attached. He can use one for playing tunes around the house or take it outside for cookouts and pool parties. It’s a gift he might not think to buy himself but is sure to use regularly.

8. Drone

Some gifts are useful, and others are just a lot of fun. Drones are essentially remote-controlled helicopters. Some are built for speed while others have high-def photo and video capabilities that make them the perfect tools for amateur cinematographers and outdoorsmen. If your boyfriend is new to the world of drones, then it might be a good idea to ease him into things with a basic model that’s not as taxing on the wallet.

9. Board Game

There are a few different ways to go when you get him a board game for Christmas. Play the nostalgia card with a favorite board game from his youth or pick a new game that would be fun to learn together. When in doubt, a good party game is always fun to enjoy with friends. You can always fall back on a custom version of Monopoly that’s themed around his favorite movie or TV show.

10. Headphones

If your boyfriend has a smartphone or tablet, chances are pretty good he uses headphones throughout the day. Upgrade his listening experience with comfortable over-ear headphones or earbuds that bring the sound. Take it a step further with noise-canceling headphones, which are perfect if he travels a lot or works in a noisy environment. No matter his preferred style or size, a pair of quality headphones is a Christmas gift that will always be appreciated.

11. Record Player

A record player makes an excellent gift if your boyfriend has an extensive vinyl collection or simply enjoys retro technology. Most modern record players include features that let them play, or even stream, other forms of media, and their built-in speakers are designed to provide excellent sound. Record players also come in a variety of looks and designs, so you can find a perfect match for your boyfriend’s style.

12. Coffee Maker

The perfect gift for any coffee-loving boyfriend, coffee makers come in plenty of shapes and sizes to fit his preferences and style. Single-serve instant coffee makers, like those made by Keurig, are great if he likes to grab a quick cup on his way out the door, while more traditional coffee pots are fitting for the boyfriend who likes to enjoy a few refills during his morning routine.

13. Baseball Cap

Not all guys enjoy wearing baseball caps, but there are an infinite number of colors and styles for those who do. Whether he’s an athletics junkie who wants to show off his favorite team or a gamer with a passion for merch, the perfect baseball cap for your boyfriend is just waiting to be found.

14. 3D Printers

3D printers aren’t just for shop classrooms anymore. If your boyfriend is tech savvy or loves creating 3D models in CAD programs, it’s never been a better time to get him a 3D printer. While this unique technology can still be quite expensive, there are plenty of budget-friendly options that your boyfriend is sure to love.