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Choosing a Wall Sconce for Your Bedroom

Choosing a Wall Sconce for Your Bedroom

Wall sconces above a bed in a bedroom
Wall sconces are stylish light fixtures that can be used in your bedroom to create a personalized ambiance, highlight architectural features, and complement your bedroom decor. These wall mounted lights come in a variety of styles to match any bedroom style and provide the perfect amount of light. Use this guide to help you choose a wall sconce that will enhance the look and feel of your bedroom.
Wall sconces above a bed in a bedroom


If your bedroom is outfitted with modern furniture, choose a contemporary wall sconce for the bedroom. The defining characteristics of this style are sleek chrome or steel finishes and clean lines. Flat wall sconces can incorporate some futuristic appeal, while horizontal LED downlights can be used over wall art to create a gallery effect. Try a two-light wall sconce with a simple fixture and square shade for an uncomplicated look and soft light.


For bedrooms that stick to a classic look, go with traditional wall sconces. These sconces often feature a bronze or nickel finish and sometimes have wood or wrought-iron accents. Mount candle wall sconces on either side of your bed to emit a cozy glow perfect for evenings spent reading in bed. For a more elegant feel, pick up sconces with iron scrolls and crystals or Tiffany-style wall lamps that cast beautiful rays of colored light.


Many contemporary homes have a bit of classic style mixed with a bit of modern. This is known as transitional style, and if this sounds like your bedroom, then look for transitional wall sconces. It’s an easy way to add just a bit of glamour to the room without going over the top. Find sconces that mix the elegant metal finishes of a traditional style with the bold, straight lines of modern wall lamps.


For bedrooms with adjacent bathrooms, choose bathroom sconces that can replace your current vanity lights. Try replacing the old fixtures above the mirror with a wall sconce featuring several overhanging lights, or use a pair of sconces on both sides of the vanity to light the mirror. Use frosted glass shades to soften the light and reduce harsh shadows.