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Checklist for Your Coleman Camping Trip

by Craig Blake

Prepared camping couple

Every camping trip is different. Whether you are hiking, camping in the winter or bringing along your RV, there are a few considerations you should make for every camping trip. There is a piece of Coleman camping gear for every condition and climate. Check off our list for camping basics and prepare for an enjoyable Coleman camping trip.

Coleman Camping Checklist:

  1. Coleman tent: As obvious as it sounds, picking the right Coleman tent is one of the most important steps in planning a successful trip. Aside from spending long periods of time in your Coleman tent, you are going to rely on it to protect you from rain and other inclement weather. Coleman tents can keep you safe to enjoy the elements, instead of being at their mercy. Before you select a Coleman tent, consider what kind of trip you are planning. If you are planning a hiking trip, you'll want a lightweight, compact Coleman tent. A bulky tent is difficult to strap to a backpack, and too much weight will turn an invigorating hike into drudgery. Many Coleman tents are made specifically for hiking, so you should have no trouble finding one that will work for you and your party. If you are camping in a single location with a large party, you can afford to tote in a heavier and larger tent. Make sure you get one that can fit your entire party and gear in case of a storm. Some tents don't come with ground tarps, so make sure to bring one to place under your tent. For RV campers, some Coleman tents are designed to provide shade more than shelter. If you are sleeping in an RV, get a sun shade or overhang to create an outdoor gathering place.

  2. Coleman lantern: Once again, Coleman lanterns vary depending on your requirements. If you need a lightweight, economical fuel, a Coleman lantern that runs on Coleman fuel, or white gas, is your best bet. If you are planning to stay put, a Coleman propane lantern can be easily and conveniently fueled. Some Coleman lanterns even run on traditional or rechargeable batteries. Make sure to check the many different types of fuel and match the right Coleman lantern for your camping trip. In addition to fuel, Coleman lanterns come in many shapes and sizes, with many different features. Some are retractable for easy storage and packing for hikers. Some even run by remote control for a relaxing trip. Make sure to pick out a Coleman lantern that will best complement your trip.

  3. Coleman cooking gear: Although a Coleman stove or grill is the most important part of your cooking repertoire, there are plenty more pieces to a complete cooking set. Don't forget to bring plates, utensils, and cooking pots and pans. Usually you can find all of these in one compact mess kit. Like lanterns, Coleman stoves and grills run on different fuels for different altitudes, temperatures and weight requirements. It is also helpful to have a roll of tinfoil, whether you want to make tinfoil dinners, help a stove retain heat or store leftover food.

  4. Coleman sleeping gear: A good night's sleep can make a camping trip just as quickly as a bad one can ruin it. Make sure you choose a Coleman sleeping bag with the temperature of your location in mind. When it comes to padding, you can choose between many different inflatable mattresses and cots. If you are hiking, you'll want a small mattress you can roll up. Otherwise, you can pick between larger mattresses or cots. Don't forget to bring a small pillow; your neck will thank you.

  5. Coleman extras: If you have space to spare, it can't hurt to bring a few other helpful items. Almost without fail, campers can find a few uses for a roll of duct tape. Coleman camp chairs are a welcome substitute for logs, and a towel or two can help in a storm. Be prepared with a first-aid kit, flares, a compass and a solar blanket for emergencies. Definitely don't forget bug repellant and sunscreen so life can go on after your trip. Matches and flashlights are very helpful.

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