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Cheap Sofas vs. Discount Sofas

Cheap Sofas vs. Discount Sofas

A cheap sectional sofa with lots of throw pillows
Sofas and loveseats are quintessential pieces in any living room. When choosing your living room furniture, consider looking for cheap and discounted sofas and loveseats to make outfitting your home a more affordable undertaking. If you view finding loveseats and sofas at stellar prices as an exciting challenge, you can make finding the perfect furniture a fun adventure.
A cheap sectional sofa with lots of throw pillows

Cheap Sofas vs. Discount Sofas:

Cheap vs. Discount

There’s a difference between discount sofas and cheap sofas. Don’t assume discount furniture is inexpensive. A pricey piece of furniture can be on sale for a discount price and still qualify as an expensive item.

Cheap Sofas

A cheap sofa is exactly what you’d expect: furniture at a rock-bottom price. Expect cheap furniture to be made from less sturdy materials than furniture that’s more expensive. Cheaper furniture might not last as long as more substantial furniture, but it will give you the opportunity to change your decor on a more regular basis.

Discount Sofas

A discount sofa might be for you if your living room furniture sees a lot of action or if you plan to use the furniture for many years. If you anticipate heavy use, consider investing in a sturdy, more expensive piece of furniture. Look for solid feet to support you and comfortable cushions to make your sofa more inviting.


Cheap sofas aren’t as likely to include features like a zipper-access back panel (for re-stuffing); this can be a problem in the long term but is one less thing to worry about in the short term. And cheap sofas often don’t come with extras such as throw pillows, but that just makes it easier for you to mix and match to your heart’s delight.


Discount sofas are more likely to have extra details like carved accents, extra-cushy seat cushions, and durable upholstery.


Cheap fold-out sofas are available, but these are often accused of being less comfortable than their discounted counterparts. Consider how often a fold-out sofa will be used. If you want to encourage short visits from your house guests, stick with cheap; if you’re likely to spend some nights there yourself, then splurge on a discount sofa with good support and a comfortable mattress.