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Brand Spotlight: Casper Sleep

Brand Spotlight: Casper Sleep

casper sleep

Casper Sleep has arrived and with Free Shipping on EVERYTHING!*. We’re welcoming Casper bedding and mattresses to Overstock so you have the opportunity for better rest (and more of it). Explore the benefits of Casper pillows, sheets, and mattresses to find your perfect fit and wake up refreshed. The best version of yourself starts here.

Casper Mattresses

casper mattresses

Casper mattresses are knitted with breathable foam, allowing body heat to circulate freely. That means falling asleep is no sweat. With a perforated layer that releases humidity, you’ll feel swaddled, not stifled. Refreshing gel pods add to the cooling sensation and help to align your spine. Each Casper mattress is not only an ergonomic fit made to feel like one massive pillow; the durability also prevents the sinking and sagging that cause bodily aches. Once you’re asleep, you can comfortably stay there.

  • The Casper Original Foam Mattress is the most popular. Soft around the shoulders and firm down below, spinal support is targeted where it matters most.
  • The Wave Foam Mattress is the best Casper mattress for back pain. With 86 gel pods spaced for even alignment, this mattress cradles your body in a cozy contour.
  • The Casper Nova Foam Mattress is the softest. If words like “lavish” and “luxurious” describe the sleep of your dreams, this plush mattress has just the velvety, quilted layer you long for.

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Casper Pillows

casper pillows

With a Casper pillow, sleep to thrive, not survive. The softer your mattress, the flatter your pillow should be. Thicker, higher-lofted pillows are better suited for snorers and side sleepers. Whatever your sleep style, the perfect pillow option is available with Casper Sleep. For added convenience, you’ll find each Casper pillow machine washable. Cleaning is as simple as tossing the cover into a cold rinse on a delicate cycle. While every pillow is soft and snuggly, you can select the best Casper pillow for your sleeping situation using the descriptions below:

  • The Casper Foam Pillow is the most supportive. Fully aligned, your head and neck will make it to morning without a single kink. This Casper pillow filling combines low- and high-density foams so there’s no fluffing necessary. Just like a Casper mattress, the pillow foam is perforated. Body heat is no match for the calming cool.
  • The Casper Low Loft Fiber Pillow is good for back, side, and stomach sleepers. It offers more customized alignment than standard height pillows. With this down-alternative pillow, drift off to dreamland in cloud-like comfort.

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Casper Bedding

casper sheets

When you want to wake up flawless, keep cool and cozy with Casper bedding. All Casper sheet sets come with 1 flat & fitted sheet, and 2 pillowcases. For details on choosing the best Casper sheets and bedding for you, narrow it down with these descriptions:

  • The Casper Percale Sheet Set is crisp, but not scratchy. Made with 100% porous organic cotton and a loose percale weave, it’s pure breathable comfort. Light and airy, there’s nothing like Casper cool sheets to escape from sweaty sleep.
  • Casper has dubbed its Sateen Sheet Set the silk robe of sheets. And it’s no wonder. They’re soft, smooth, and with each wash, they’ll only get softer and smoother. An added bonus? These 100% organic cotton sheets are naturally wrinkle-resistant.
  • Say goodbye to stuffy with the Casper Flannel Sheet Set. The 100% brushed organic cotton blends an open weave with downhome warmth. Just enough lightweight loving to feel at ease.
  • Anxiety, meet the Casper Weighted Blanket. You’ll realize you’ve never truly relaxed until you’ve been hugged by this extra-fluffy bean bag of a blanket. With beads sewn into individual patches, there’s comfort in every stitch. Even the most restless sleepers can settle into cozy weighted warmth.

Once you’ve found bedding bliss, washing Casper sheets is best done biweekly. Use a gentle rinse with cold water. For a wrinkle-free wash, a low tumble dry and the occasional warm iron will do. You can even preserve that fresh linen look with non-chlorine, oxygen bleach. For the safest results, you’ll want to follow manufacturer instructions for Casper sheets care.

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Stop dreaming of sleep. Experience the pressure-relieving comfort of Casper. Shop all Casper Sleep products on Overstock to get Free Shipping on EVERYTHING!*