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Casio Outdoor and Training Watch Buying Guide

by Staff Writer

Active mountain biker uses a Casio oudooor and training watch

A Casio watch is essential gear for active men and women. If your on-the-go lifestyle keeps you running, biking, hiking, swimming or just dashing around town, Casio has the outdoor and training watches you need. Whether you want stylish watches to wear daily, tough watches to wear while backpacking or water-resistant watches to wear to work, Casio watches are ideal. In fact, Casio has so many men's watches and women's watches that you may be wondering how to buy a Casio watch that matches your lifestyle. Style, function and special features can all be had with both men's Casio watches and women's Casio watches. This Casio watch buying guide offers the information you need to make an informed buying decision.

Buying Casio Watches:

  1. Casio outdoor and training watch models: Almost everyone has a watch or two that serves the dual functions of timekeeper and fashion accessory; but for men and women who work outside, train to athletic excellence or pursue the extremes of outdoor recreation, ordinary watches might not be able to handle the rough and tumble. Men's Casio watches and women's Casio watches come to the rescue. Consider these top Casio watch models when shopping for men's and women's watches for your active lifestyle:

  2. Databank: A Casio databank watch stores names, phone numbers and schedules. Some databanks include calculators, multilingual capabilities and digital/virtual analog displays.

  3. Forester: These timepieces are available in subdued outdoor colors. Some Forester models display the best time to fish or hunt and have vibrating alarms.

  4. G-Shock: G-Shock watches are incredibly tough. Generally having 200-meter water resistance, these watches are designed to be strong and shock resistant. Some G-Shock watches are solar powered.

  5. Marine Gear: The Marine Gear watches feature both analog and digital designs and, generally, have 100-meter water resistance. There are many inexpensive, casual models; however, the Marine Gear line also offers dress watches.

  6. Pathfinder: Hunting timers, fishing timers, altimeters, barometers, thermometers, pedometers and digital compasses are all found in a variety of combinations in the Casio Pathfinder watch.

  7. Waveceptor: The Casio Waveceptor watches and travel clocks receive radio signals that update the time based on an atomic clock.

  8. Casio watch terms and functions: Casio offers a wide range of features in its women's and men's watches. Learn a bit about these functions before shopping to decide what you really want and must have in a timepiece. Remember that the capacity of actual features will vary by model.

  9. Atomic timekeeping: By accessing a radio-signal broadcast from Ft. Collins, Colo., this feature causes the watch to update daily with the precise time. All that needs to be set on a Casio atomic watch is the time zone.

  10. Auto calendar: An automatic calendar makes allowances for months of different lengths and for leap years and resets the date accordingly. Some auto calendars in Casio digital watches are pre-programmed until 2039.

  11. Auto-switch backlight: When turned on, this backlight illuminates when you turn your wrist toward your face.

  12. Fishing/Hunting time: Fishermen and hunters have used the phases of the moon to predict the best times for fishing or hunting for centuries. Now, these watches show the moon age, ideal hunting and fishing times and the sunrise and sunset based on set latitude and longitude.

  13. Moon graph: This displays the phases of the moon, along with moon up and moon down times. "Moon up" is when it reaches the highest point in the sky relative to your current location; "moon down" is the lowest, usually on the other side of the Earth.

  14. Solar/Tough Solar: A solar watch uses light, either natural or artificial, to recharge the battery. Tough Solar is a solar-charging function found in the G-Shock line of Casio watches.

  15. Tide graph: This function displays the high and low tides for your area. It is calculated using the current time, GMT setting, latitude and longitude and the lunar-tidal interval.

  16. Water-resistance: A watch bearing the inscription "water-resistant" on its case back can handle light moisture, such as a from rainstorms or sink splashes, but should not be worn swimming or diving. Water resistance is tested in measurements of atmosphere (ATM). If the watch can be submerged in water, it must state at what ATM rating it maintains water resistance, usually 50 meters (165 feet) or more on most sport watches. Each ATM denotes 10 meters of static water pressure; for example, 10 ATM equals 100 meters, which is notated at 10M on Casio watch dials. A watch with 50 meters (5 ATM) water resistance can be worn for short periods of swimming, while a watch with 150 to 200 meters (15 to 20 ATM) water resistance may be used for skin diving and even scuba diving, depending upon the indicated depths.

  17. Shock resistance: Shock resistance refers to the durability of the watch case and its ability to protect the movement and internal features. To be considered shock resistant, a watch must be able to survive being dropped onto a wooden floor from a height of 3 feet or withstand an impact of equal strength. Casio's G-Shock watches are the ultimate shock-resistant watches -- able to withstand a drop of 10 meters.

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