Canister Vacuum Cleaners Quick Facts



Getting motivated to vacuum is hard enough without facing a vacuum cleaner that's hard to maneuver or too heavy to lift. Canister vacuums are the perfect compromise of power and portability. Here's why so many people choose them to keep their homes clean.

Facts about Canister Vacuums:

  1. Lightweight: The main weight in a canister vacuum cleaner comes from the canister itself, so using one is a simple matter of pulling the canister behind you as you use a lightweight head to suck up debris.

  2. Small: The heaviness and bulkiness of upright vacuums makes them difficult to use on staircases; the short hose limits how far you can reach, and the large base makes it a challenge to balance the vacuum halfway up the stairs. Canister vacuums are small enough that you can easily set one on the step below you and work your way up or down. The small footprint of a canister vacuum cleaner is also a benefit when you're not vacuuming; storing a canister takes up less space than a traditional upright.

  3. Portable: Getting a full-size vacuum up and down the stairs can seem like more trouble than it's worth. Canister vacuums are easily moved from one level of your home to the next because of their small size and lightweight design.

  4. Versatile: Unlike an upright vacuum, a canister vacuum requires only the head itself be where you need to vacuum (the canister will be attached, of course, but trailing behind). While a full-size vacuum would never fit under a coffee table, the head of a canister vacuum easily slides under chairs, cabinets and even around the base of a refrigerator or dresser.

  5. Efficient: Advances in suction mean that canister vacuums can clean as efficiently as uprights. Trust them to suck up spills and fuzz just like any other vacuum. Many canister vacuums come with onboard tools, so you can trade out the head and vacuum hardwood, carpet, tile, and more.

  6. Features for everyone: If you have pets or suffer from allergies, you may be looking for a vacuum with extra filters or sensors. Canister vacuums are available with all the features you can get on other vacuum cleaners, including HEPA filtration systems, dirt sensors, and suction control options.

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