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Buying Gifts for Sports Lovers

by Staff Writer

Sports illustrated football collectible for a lucky sports fan

Everyone loves sports -- no exceptions! Basketball, baseball, football, soccer, golf and more have turned billions of people into devoted sports lovers. Finding the right gifts for sports lovers may seem like a daunting task, but you have nothing to worry about. There are plenty of options for sports fans of all kinds, meaning it's never too difficult to track down great presents for them. Read below to learn some excellent tips on buying gifts for sports lovers.

Best Gifts for Sports Lovers:

  1. Identifying sports lovers: Your gift recipients are all-star athletes if they received a college scholarship for playing sports; are "carbo-loading" when you are shunning carbohydrates; they know which professional athletes have sneakers named after them; or they have a fantasy football team, a fantasy baseball team and a fantasy basketball team.

  2. Collectibles: Give them sports memorabilia to remember the teams that helped inspire them to play sports. Collectibles such as trading cards, limited-edition jerseys and posters all make excellent gifts for sports lovers.

  3. Sports movies: They know how exciting it is to overcome an obstacle and win a big game, so they will love movies with stories about athletes who do the same. There are sports dramas, comedies and even romances, so you should never have trouble tracking down sports movies for gifts.

  4. Nintendo Wii: Generation Y athletes don't like to sit still, so let them play the games where they can move around the living room, like Nintendo Wii tennis, golf and bowling. The Nintendo Wii lets players feel like they are actually in the game, which means sports lovers can enjoy themselves on the court and in the living room.

  5. Watches: A sport watch or a dive watch would look stylish on your athlete and would take the abuse it may receive.

  6. Loungewear: After the game, meet or match, your all-star athlete needs comfortable athletic clothing to relax in. Loungewear for men or for women in the colors of their school or college is even better.

  7. Home gym equipment: Your athlete would love to work out in their apartment -- or at home, if they still live there -- so give them fitness equipment so they can work on their muscles whenever they want.

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