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Gifts for Fashion Lovers

by Staff Writer

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Everyone has a clothing and fashion lover in their life. Whether it's a sibling, a parent, a co-worker or a friend, we all know someone who simply can't stop thinking about the latest styles of clothing. How do you identify a fashion lover? Your gift recipients are style stars if they read fashion magazines more than they read their textbooks; managed to talk you into a huge sweet sixteen party; chose an art college so they could study fashion or consider shopping to be a form of exercise but gladly try out the latest Hollywood fitness trends, too. Of course, knowing that someone loves fashion can make gift buying both easier and more difficult. You know they would love something style-related, but what? If the question has crossed your mind, look at the article below, which will fill you in on the best tips for buying gifts for fashion lovers.

Gifts for Fashionistas:

  1. Designer jewelry: Your style star -- male or female -- knows that a little sparkle from designer jewelry goes a long way, so these gifts in small packages are a welcome sight. Fashion lovers are sure to appreciate jewelry from their favorite trendy brands. Choose logo-inscribed rings, necklaces, bracelets and even cuff links.

  2. Watches: Nothing says status like a quality watch, so find one with high-impact glamour for your style star. From sleek digital watches to analog watches in gold and silver, it's never hard to find watches for every style.

  3. Designer handbags and wallets: Your style star knows that designer handbags and wallets are investment pieces they'll use for many years. Track down a hip purse for your favorite girl or a hipster-approved designer shoulder bag for your favorite guy.

  4. Designer accessories: Your style star knows that the big picture is in the details, and no accessory is too small to have a designer logo on it. Scarves, belts and hats with a designer's name all make the perfect accessories to give as gifts.

  5. Shoes: Any fashion lover is sure to have a special place in his or her heart for new shoes, and they usually prefer bold styles with plenty of detail. Stay away from practical footwear, and instead look for boots with buckles, sandals with shine and pumps with prints.

  6. Sunglasses: Style stars know that the secret to any stylish ensemble is the perfect pair of designer sunglasses. Give into their wishes with a gift that they'll wear every sunny day. Bigger is usually better when you're shopping for the sunglasses a trend-lover will love.

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