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How to Style Bouclé Furniture & Decor

How to Style Bouclé Furniture & Decor

From the French word bouclé (boo-clay), meaning “buckled or curled,” Bouclé fabric is a trendy textile weave typically made from wool and curled fibers. Also called teddy bear fabric, this looped material is a design favorite. Learn how to style bouclé and use the thick, soft upholstery to create an inviting atmosphere.

What Is Bouclé Fabric?

Bouclé fabric is most commonly made of wool, but it can also be woven from cotton, linen, or silk for a lighter build. The fibers are woven to create a texture that looks and feels similar to fleece.

With their warmth and eye-catching texture, Bouclé furniture and decor accents give your space a “nest-like” look and feel that offers a gentle reprieve from the harsh stressors of daily life. As you step into your Bouclé-inspired room, you’ll feel called to slip into your most comfortable loungewear, and sip hot tea as you lose yourself in your favorite series.

How Do I Style Bouclé Decor?

Bouclé’s irregular texture makes it a versatile decorating fabric. Large pieces of Bouclé furniture feel plush and cozy, creating an atmosphere of contentment in your living room or bedroom. You can also use smaller Bouclé accents to soften spaces that aren’t designed for relaxation. For example, a Bouclé ottoman in your home office serves as a gentle reminder to take the occasional break, put your feet up, and clear your head.

Choosing the Right Color of Bouclé

Bouclé fabrics can be found in every color, though shades of tan and cream tend to be the most popular in furnishings — these neutral tones showcase the unique texture. As a result, Bouclé furniture feels right at home in simple designs. Think minimalism and organic modernism. In these styles, Bouclé contrasts gently with natural wood pieces without deviating from the calm, earthy color palettes.

If your style is more energetic, look for colorful Bouclé statement pieces that command attention. Dining chairs upholstered in jewel-tone Bouclé fabric create a beautiful contrast to metal or wood tables, all while giving your guests a cozy reason to linger over after-dinner conversations.

Styling Bouclé For Large Rooms

If your room is larger or high-ceilinged with lots of natural light, use a Bouclé sectional or Bouclé love seat to suggest a more intimate space. Bouclé couches, which are affectionately called teddy bear fabric couches, give your conversational grouping a welcoming vibe. Fuzzy and inviting, they encourage family and friends to get comfortable during a relaxed weekend visit.

If the room seems impersonal and you want to create an area that inspires special moments with those closest to you, try adding a few flourishes of Bouclé texture. Set a Bouclé pillow on a traditional flat-woven fabric seat to create a more relaxed profile and a comfortable place to nap. A thick Bouclé blanket gives your loved ones something to wrap up in when the winter winds are howling outside. Bouclé pillows can double as comfortable floor seating around your coffee table for board games. The soft texture also makes them perfect for an impromptu pillow fight to retaliate after a defeat.

Using Bouclé Accents for Smaller Spaces

In smaller areas, a single or Bouclé accent chair serves as a cozy sanctuary. Nestle it among overflowing bookshelves to create a relaxing reading corner. In the playroom, an oversized Bouclé armchair creates the perfect spot to cuddle and read a treasured book for the tenth time. Or, slip a few Bouclé stools under your kitchen island to encourage company while you prepare meals.

You can also incorporate more Bouclé home decor via decorative ottomans, rugs, or even Bouclé throw pillows to provide a variety of gentle textures that soothe your hands and feet. Though Bouclé furniture tends to stick closely to a neutral color palette, modern styles have started incorporating bold, bright Bouclé accent pieces. These vibrant elements can provide visual and textural contrast in spaces ranging from posh living rooms and dens to elegant bedrooms.

Small Bouclé pieces often introduce additional colors to create subtle woven patterns or soften bright colors by blending them with a gentle base tone. A two-toned Bouclé headboard adds a hint of magic to your bedroom, setting the perfect backdrop for your dreams as you sleep.

How Do I Clean Bouclé Fabric?

Stain resistance is one of the appeals of Bouclé fabrics, due to their low absorption properties, even when woven in lighter shades of white and cream. Addressing spills quickly will offer the greatest protection. Handwashing is recommended to protect the delicate fiber loops and be sure to squeeze the excess water out gently. If you’re in a rush, throw it in your washing machine on the gentle or delicate cycle in cold water.

How To Clean Bouclé Stains

With Bouclé furniture, a splash of red wine doesn’t have to become a permanent feature. For liquid stains, start by soaking up any excess moisture with a clean, dry, absorbent cloth. Use a patting motion to avoid driving the stain deeper, and follow up with your stain-specific, fabric-friendly spot-removing product of choice.

Use lukewarm soapy water and a soft-bristle brush or damp cloth to pat any lingering stains, repeating the motion until the stained patch disappears. Avoid vigorous brushing or stiff-bristled cleaning brushes to minimize pilling or damage.

If you’re spot-cleaning a spill that’s oil-based or stubborn, try an upholstery-friendly solvent; check the manufacturer’s care instructions for product recommendations. Following the directions on the package, spot-test the product on an inconspicuous area such as the underside of the sofa. As long as the solvent doesn’t damage the fabric, you can use it confidently on a high-visibility area. Removable Bouclé furniture covers can often be cleaned using the same methods as Bouclé fabric.

How To Protect Bouclé Fabric

Depending on the usage levels of your Bouclé furniture, a light, periodic coating of protectant fabric spray is a smart precaution to ward off grime. Regular dry vacuuming with an upholstery-friendly brush attachment will help remove abrasive particles that can fray delicate fibers and prevent odors caused by food crumbs. For items such as Bouclé ottomans and benches that are likely to see their fair share of boot soles, a machine-washable throw can act as a stylish buffer.

Enjoy cuddling with your cat or dog on your ultra-soft Bouclé couch? You can easily remove pet hair from the fabric by vacuuming with a brush attachment in small, short strokes. Remember to periodically rotate your brush direction to avoid wear and tear on Bouclé loops.