Stylist Picks: Top 10 Boho Rugs

Stylist Picks: Top 10 Boho Rugs

This guide is part of our Overstock Stylist Commentary series, home design tips written by industry experts. In this roundup, Logan R. shares his top 10 bohemian rugs sold on


by Logan R.
Senior Stylist

My name is Logan and I’m the Senior Stylist here at Overstock. My background is in fine art and I got my master’s degree in painting before moving into the world of photography. I’ve been styling props and interiors for almost a decade, and love that I’m able to utilize my education daily.


Brimming with accessories collected from travels, bohemian style imparts a relaxed, inviting vibe. Boho rugs are equally eclectic, inspired by global design trends. Full of free-spirited personality, they’re the perfect foundation to the ever-evolving bohemian home. Here are my top 10 boho rug picks.


Tulum Bora Moroccan Boho Rug (ivory/blue)

Boho Moroccan rug in beige with blue and pink pattern

Cream rugs are a pillar of boho style; however, they’re not practical for everyone. The Bora Moroccan rug provides a light and airy feel without any of the stress that comes with owning a light rug. The distressed finish of the Ivory/blue option keeps the rug casual while disguising wear and tear. Distressed patterns will last through the years in high traffic areas like the living room.


Tiffany Bohemian Border Area Rug

Bohemian border pattern area rug

If color is not your thing, the Tiffany Border rug could be just the one for you. With its soft black patterning on a creamy, pale beige background, it’s the perfect neutral backdrop. The pattern has enough versaility to keep it interesting for any bohemian space. The bordered design is also convenient for designating spaces in an open layout home.


Madison Diederike Boho Medallion Distressed Rug (green/turquoise)

Round distressed Persian medallion area rug

Persian rugs can work in an array of styles, but this rug’s playful color options make it a top choice for boho spaces. My personal pick is the green and turquoise. This one’s for you, Jungalows! While a medallion rug works in any room, this rug would look STUNNING in jungalow bedroom paired with a chic rattan headboard and tons of plant life.


Tremezzina Printed Boho Terracotta Sky Distressed Rug

Intricate printed pattern rug in rust and terracotta colors

Chic, sophisticated, inviting… I could go on and on about the Tremezzina, but let’s just say she’s a beauty. The shades of rust and terracotta integrate seamlessly with the earthy aesthetics of the modern bohemian. To balance all the warm tones, I recommend pairing with neutral light wood furnishings like ash or white oak.


Tulum Yolonda Moroccan Boho Rug (dark grey/ivory)

Grey area rug with geometric bohemian pattern

Though the bohemian movement has much earlier roots in Europe, the style really took hold in American circa the 60’s and 70’s. That’s why it often includes elements of mid-century design. I love this rug for those that are bringing bohemian accessories into an otherwise mid-century space. This rug will help tie your entire space together. The dark grey really sets off the rich acorn and walnut woods of your mid-century furniture.


Madison Sabire Boho Medallion Distressed Rug

Multicolor round area rug with distressed medallion pattern

Another option in Safavieh’s Madison line is the Sabire rug. Similar to the Diederike mentioned earlier, but a bit more ornate. This is my pick for bohemian dining rooms because the intricate pattern hides any spills. Make a bold statement with the fuchsia/teal or toned down with the black/teal.


Tulum Shima Moroccan Boho Distressed Rug (turquoise/ivory)

Striped Moroccan boho pattern blue rug

I love this graphic take on the boho rug. The simplistic geometric pattern has a charming hand-drawn quality, which keeps it from looking too harsh in a boho space. In vibrant turquoise, I could see this rug adding a playful bohemian touch to a teen or kids room.


Tulum Giorgina Moroccan Boho Rug (ivory/grey)

Round white and grey rug with geometric bohemian pattern

My home is constantly changing and evolving and sometimes you need a rug that can keep up. This rug is without a doubt bohemian, but it’s a true chameleon that easily transitions between styles. From boho to mid-century, Scandi to organic modern, farmhouse to industrial, just to name a few. This rug is a workhorse! Highly recommend!


Amsterdam Bridget Moroccan Boho Rug (terracotta/multi)

Bold multicolor geometric boho Moroccan rug

There’s something instantly welcoming about a red rug and I love this shade of red terracotta. Slightly ruddy, but still saturated enough to feel fresh. The small additions of green, blue, yellow, cream, and black make it easy to work into a variety of color schemes. This boho rug also comes in a variety of other color options if red isn’t your vibe.


Luxe Antiqued Distressed Boho Area Rug

Lightly distressed tribal bohemian area rug

Last but certainly not least, this rug is another one that effortlessly adapts to your home and style. Sophisticated, but not stuffy, its timeless design is sure to carry you through many years of use. The subtle variety of cream, tan, and grey shades make this rug work on pretty much any tone of flooring you may have. Difficult to come by in a rug. This guy is begging to be partnered with a leather Moroccan pouf.

When you’ve chosen the perfect boho rug for your space, see our guide on How to Style Boho Rugs for ideas. For more on whether boho rugs fit your vibe, check out our full Guide to Rug Styles.