Boho Living Room Ideas

Boho Living Room Ideas

Boho chic is all about layers of color and texture – fringed blankets and woven wall hangings, flashes of emerald green and vibrant fuchsia. Picture writing postcards from a vintage wooden desk, or sipping Turkish coffee in the depths of a papasan chair. With this guide, celebrate every step off the beaten path with a bohemian inspired living room.

Emphasize Exotic Woods & Striking Textures

For your boho inspired living room, think teak, mahogany, rattan, and wicker. Go full tropical with peacock chairs swathed in colorful draperies. Or, to keep the vibe subtle, choose tufted accent chairs for your bohemian living room furniture. Deeply tufted cushions atop swivel rockers or papasan chairs evoke that relaxed, luxurious feel. They’ll keep you comfortable while you page through a magazine or stream your favorite series.

Boho style also blends smoothly with shabby chic and mid-century modern pieces, so it’s easy to use existing pieces to create a bohemian living room on a budget. Want a minimalist bohemian living room? Lean on stunning wooden furniture with an exquisite handmade touch, like an open teak coffee table or an acacia bookshelf with gently curved live edges.

Dive Into Lively Fabrics & Blended Finishes

For a simple bohemian chic living room makeover, bring in paisleys and patchworks. Bohemian living room colors can be emerald green, brilliant orange, or vibrant fuschia. You can also deck your sofa with cushions in bold purple and vivid turquoise, or layer the floor with vivid woven rugs.

For a neutral bohemian living room, lean on texture and deep earth tones. A writing desk paired with a distressed trunk evokes the mystery and adventure of bohemian style, while hammered metal accessories lend depth and balance to your decor. Blended textures create that bohemian zen living room feel – mix up silky embroidered cushions with a chunky woven throw, or set off velvety upholstery with a breezy cotton throw blanket.

Pair a Variety of Global Touches

Ultimately, a bohemian living room invites you to relax and chat the night away. It’s all about the unconventional. So for a boho living room, combine comfort with a carefree, low-pressure vibe. Center handmade, artisanal flair by treating yourself to chunky woven hangings or hand-carved wall reliefs. Bohemian living room rugs are versatile, so layer your floor in silk and shag area rugs, or make a statement with a sweeping geometric pattern in vivid colors. For the perfect nook to savor your morning coffee, a hanging chair or a pile of floor poufs can soften your space in style. When you’re entertaining, choose a low, broad cocktail table to nibble on tapas during low-key game nights.

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