Boho Chic Furniture & Decor Ideas

Boho Chic Style

Boho Chic design draws inspiration from the carefree, bohemian mystique of a world traveler. This casual style exudes the eclectic vibes of collected treasures, blending old and new to create a unique, lived-in look. Energetic colors, vintage decor, and layers of fringed throws add whimsy and comfort to this creative space. Potted plants invite nature indoors to lend a fresh, organic touch to the design. If you prefer the relaxed style of a boho home, check out our tips for creating your own bohemian retreat.

A bold and bright Bohemian color palette

Bohemian Color Palette

Fill your space from top to bottom with bold and energetic colors. For an ultra-eclectic space, paint your walls turquoise or lime green, then pile on colorful furniture and accessories. Or, for a boho chic retreat, embrace white walls to make your colorful decor stand out. In either case, boho design is all about color — bright and beautiful color.

Boho Chic Style Elements

Bohemian Throw Pillows


Stacks of pillows and poufs in solid colors and brilliant patterns drench your bohemian space in color. Vivid tones are in harmony with luxurious, Moroccan patterns and exciting textures.

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Boho layered bedding

Layers of Texture

Plush velvets, coarse tweeds, and soft cottons add multiple dimensions to a boho abode. These layers of texture are free-spirited and fun, telling tales of travels had and journeys to come.

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Boho plants


Plants breathe life into your space. Elegant ferns, earthy succulents, and delicate ivy add a gentle touch from Mother Nature. Display your greenery in hanging pots and unique planters.

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Boho handmade accessories

Handmade Accessories

All things handmade are right at home in a boho interior design. Consider crocheted, macramed, carved, stitched, and hand-woven accessories. Keepsakes from nomadic wanderings, including handmade decor from far-away lands, as well as your own handmade pieces, are reminders of people you’ve met and places you’ve been.

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Boho Chic Patterns

Boho mandala print


The circular mosaics and floral designs of mandalas date back thousands of years, yet they are still as beautiful and popular as ever. A boho lifestyle embraces old and new patterns to create a harmony of life and style.

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Boho patchwork print


Geometric-shaped bits of fabric are pieced together to create elaborate textiles for quilts, chairs, and wall hangings. Patchwork is perfect for making the most of what you have and seeing the unconventional beauty in the odd pieces of the world around you.

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Boho aztrec print


Aztec patterns speak to both tradition and ambition. Behind these complex and intriguing designs is a history that speaks to true bohemians. The patterns tell stories through arts and crafts passed down through generations.

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Boho Paisley Print


Paisley in saturated tones of pink, yellow, blue, and green is a bohemian’s bestie. Floral-inspired patterns fill any boho space with a whimsical vibrance that inspires freedom, beauty, truth, and love.

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