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Blu-ray Movie Buying Guide

by Staff Writer

Blu-ray disc in a Blu-ray player

Though it is still developing, Blu-ray technology has decisively conquered HD DVDs, and Blu-ray movies are now poised to replace DVDs as the most common medium for watching movies at home. However, you can't help but wonder if it's really worth it to spend the time and the money to replace your DVD set with Blu-ray movies. While the answer to that question is ultimately up to you, there are some great reasons for upgrading your movie collection to Blu-ray. Keep reading to learn about a few ways in which Blu-ray movies can enhance your viewing experience as well as a few ideas for shopping for Blu-ray movies.

Buying Blu-ray Movies:

  1. Resolution: Thanks to the storage capacity of Blu-ray disks -- 50 GBs -- Blu-ray movies play at a much higher resolution than movies on any other home media. With Blu-ray technology, your movies will look sharper with richer blacks and more vivid colors than anything you've seen before. Even if your TV isn't 1080p -- the resolution at which Blu-ray movies play -- you can still see a difference in the quality of the picture.

  2. Sound: Once again, the storage capacity of Blu-ray discs allows Blu-ray movies to play back higher quality sound than you can find on DVDs. You'll be more grateful than ever before for your surround-sound system when you hear the soundtrack and sound effects of your favorite movie playing in the sharp, high-fidelity formats used by Blu-ray movies.

  3. Extras: Blu-ray movies offer more extras than you can find on DVDs. Movies on Blu-ray often feature music videos, interactive trivia games and extra footage that you can't find anywhere else. Another feature of Blu-ray movies that shows a lot of promise is BD Live. Blu-ray movies that support BD Live allow you to go online via your Blu-ray player and download extra content that may not even have been available when the movie first came out. A small but welcome feature of Blu-ray movies is the ability to access the menu while the movie is still playing. You no longer have to exit the movie and toggle through a still screen to turn on subtitles.

  4. Price: While prices for Blu-ray movies and Blu-ray players are still higher than prices on DVD products, they are dropping quickly. You can find Blu-ray movies online, from recent blockbusters to remastered classics to breathtaking nature documentaries, that are the same price as or only slightly more expensive than the same films on DVD.

Tip from

  1. Blu-ray players play DVDs. You don't have to get rid of your DVD collection. Blu-ray players not only play DVDs; they play them at a higher resolution than DVD players do. You can pick and choose which movies you want to experience on Blu-ray and which ones you're satisfied watching on DVD.

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