Black Diamonds vs. White Diamonds

When shopping for diamond jewelry, you have many stunning options. You may picture traditional white diamonds when you think of a fabulous diamond ring, tennis bracelet or pair of stud earrings, but black diamonds are also luxurious in a variety of fashionable jewelry. Black diamonds are unofficially a part of the colored diamonds category. Colored diamonds, also known as fancy diamonds, come in a range of hues. To select the very best diamond jewelry for your collection, consider this comparison of black diamonds and white diamonds.

Comparing Black & White Diamond Jewelry:



Black diamonds and white diamonds may look similar in jewelry, but they are actually very different. Black diamonds are scientifically referred to as carbonados. Carbonados are more porous than white diamonds and other fancy diamonds.



White diamonds are graded meticulously in four main categories. These categories are cut, color, clarity and carat weight. The cut refers to how well the stone has been crafted to optimize light, as well as the shape of the diamond. The most desirable white diamonds are colorless and have very few inclusions. Carat weight refers to the weight of the gem, which many consumers refer to when determining size. Black diamonds are graded on their carat weight and cut. Clarity is not applicable to black diamonds because the color hides most flaws.



Of course, white diamonds are white and black diamonds are black. Black diamonds can also be varying shades of grey. Grey diamonds are incredibly modern and pair well with a variety of contemporary outfits. Both black and white diamonds look amazing in a variety of jewelry styles. The very best and most desirable rings, pendants, chandelier earrings and tennis bracelets combine both white diamonds and black diamonds in stunning, intricate patterns. Luxurious black and white diamond jewelry will add a lot of elegance to your wardrobe, whether you prefer cocktail rings, eternity bands, bangle bracelets, drop earrings or animal-inspired pendants.

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