How to Incorporate Black-and-White Decor in Your Home

How to Incorporate Black-and-White Decor in Your Home

Black-and-white home decor is one of this year’s biggest home trends. This color combination is a classic for a reason. Not only does it work with a variety of patterns, but it goes with almost every interior design style. Whether you’re looking for big or small ways to incorporate this trend into your home, these black-and-white home decor ideas will get you started.


Go Big With Bold Patterns

Modern living room with black and white colors and bold patterns

If you’re looking for a trendy way to make a statement, go with a bold black-and-white pattern for a guaranteed hit. Try placing a black-and-white striped rug in your living room, or use any other pattern you prefer. While it is an attention grabber, it won’t detract from the beauty of your other furniture because black and white is a neutral color combination.


Create Contrast With White Furniture

Living room with dark/black decor and white sofa

Contrary to popular belief, painting a single wall of a room black won’t make a space feel bleak or small. It does quite the opposite. A black accent wall brings a modern level of sophistication while making a room feel bigger. This adds depth to your room, while supplementing it with white, gray, or cream colored furniture injects just the right amount of contrast.


Mix Black-and-White With Simple Patterns

Bed with white and black patterned bedding

If you’re a fan of simple patterns, getting them in black and white will give them a modern twist. Whether you decorate with a throw blanket, pillows, or curtains, using black-and-white patterns is an effective way to add these bolder neutrals without overwhelming the rest of your decor. Try spreading a black-and-white checked duvet over your bed. This simple pattern won’t overpower your room, but it will make a modern statement.


Pair White Walls With Black Accents

White entertainment center in front of white wall and black wall art

If you feel intimidated by painting a large section of a room black, you can ease into black-and-white room decor with subtle accents. Add visual interest to a white room by placing black accents throughout your space. You can incorporate black-and-white prints, black vases, or any other decor that works with your room.


Use Contrast to Create a Focal Point

Classy living room with contrasting black and white decor

Black walls, while great for creating atmosphere and depth, can seem overwhelming if you aren’t used to a completely black room. Break up the dark colors by creating a contrasting focal point. Try hanging a large, predominately white art or photo print in the middle of one of your walls. This is a great way to naturally draw the eye to the center of your black-and-white room, which creates an interesting contrast.


Add Soft Black-and-White Details

Bedroom with soft black and white jute rug

Black-and-white decor doesn’t have to be all clean lines and Modern shapes. If you prefer a softer, more classic look, you can still easily incorporate this trend into your home. Be on the lookout for traditional patterns or comfortable shapes that you love, but with a black-and-white twist. Try laying down a black-and-white area rug that’s in a softer hue and pattern.


Update Classic Shapes With Bold Black Textiles

Black leather chairs and white and black striped rug

Black furniture is anything but boring. Pair your favorite classic shapes with sleek, black textiles for an unexpected and bold combination. Not only is this an eye-catching decor move, but it goes with almost every interior design style. These updated pieces of furniture are bound to modernize any room that they reside in. Give a mid-century modern piece of furniture an update with black upholstery such as black leather, black vinyl, or black polyester.


Incorporate Touches of Black-and-White Outdoors

Outdoor patio set with black/white striped umbrella

Black-and-white decor doesn’t have to be exclusive to the inside of your home. Bring the trend outside with fun, outdoor-friendly details! No need to go all out — a simple black-and-white table umbrella can do the trick. Carrying over the black-and-white theme from your interior helps create continuity from your entryway to your back patio.