Bistro Tables for Outdoor Dining

Bistro Tables for Outdoor Dining
Sharing a meal with family or friends outdoors is a refreshing change from sitting around the dining room table. Bistro tables add elegance and charm to any outdoor patio, balcony, porch or garden area when entertaining. When set for two, a cozy bistro set encourages conversation in close proximity. Whether you're sharing a meal with an intimate date or having brunch with a few friends, bistro tables make the experience quaint and enjoyable.

Bistro Tables for Outdoor Dining

Outdoor Bistro Tables:



Outdoor bistro tables are round or square, with seating for two to four people. They are usually 36 to 40 inches in height. Bistro tables and chairs are often highly decorative, with scrolling vine motifs and curved angles. Seat cushions and umbrella attachments add to the comfort and elegance of a bistro table set.


Wrought iron, aluminum, plastic and wood bistro tables are weather-resistant options for outdoor dining. Finished woods such as teak, cedar, cypress and hardwood are used for durable outdoor bistro tables. Wrought iron and aluminum tables are treated with rust-resistant coatings. Plastic patio tables are lightweight, cost-effective and durable in the outdoor elements.


Outdoor bistro tables are perfect for parties and casual get-togethers. Also known as pub tables, cafe tables and counter-height tables, bistro tables create an informal, comfortable atmosphere. Counter-height bistro tables make it easy for seated guests to socialize with others who may be standing or mingling nearby. Counter-height bistro tables are also perfect for patios, decks or porches with railings that would block the view from a standard table.


The space-saving size of a bistro table is perfect for small gatherings, but it is not conducive to a gathering of more than four individuals. The limited table space makes it difficult to serve several courses at once and is better suited to light meals, drinks or hors d’oeuvres.


Dining at a bistro table outdoors is the perfect intimate setting for a warm-weather anniversary dinner, sharing a birthday cocktail or nibbling on appetizers. Arrange several bistro tables on a patio or in a garden for an intimate baby or bridal shower.

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