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Best Yard Care Tools for Every Home Owner

by Staff Writer

Garden shed full of yard care tools

Every home owner needs the right tools for every job, including yard care. If you own a home, you know the importance of caring for and maintaining a beautiful lawn and garden; you also know the importance of yard care tools. Whether you're passionate about keeping your lawn lush, green and weed-free or you're an avid composter with a garden full of vegetables and flowers, you need yard care tools to keep your lawn and garden thriving.

Yard Care Tools:

  1. Hoses and sprinklers: Keeping a yard green and healthy requires irrigation tools. Hoses and sprinklers give you total control over the amount of water you use and help you get the water where it's needed, when it's needed. It's also a smart idea to have a hose reel to keep your hose and watering tools organized and contained.

  2. Mowers and trimmers: Perhaps the most essential yard care tools for every home are mowers and trimmers. Most homeowners have a lawn in the front or back yard that needs to be mowed every week. Lawn mowers are available in a variety of styles for every preference from heavy-duty riding mowers to electric lawn mowers and even non-motorized reel mowers.

  3. Hand tools: A beautiful yard requires regular care and maintenance. Digging, edging, raking and trimming are all jobs that maintain the beauty and health of your lawn and garden, and they all require the right hand tools. A garden shed equipped with shovels, spades, pruners and rakes will make caring for your yard a breeze.

  4. Carts and wheelbarrows: Big jobs like raking leaves, pruning bushes and trees, hauling soil, weeding, planting and fertilizing all require carts and wheelbarrows. Carts and wheelbarrows make light work of those heavy yard care jobs you might otherwise dread.

  5. Composters: A composter is an excellent way to nourish your lawn, garden and even your houseplants. Composting not only nourishes your plants, it reduces landfill waste. Instead of throwing out your grass clippings, dead leaves, vegetable peelings and other natural kitchen waste, recycle them in the composter to make a natural, environmentally friendly fertilizer.

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