Best Jewelry Gifts for Her for Christmas

Best Jewelry Gifts for Her for Christmas

Best Jewelry Gifts for Her for Christmas 2019
Giving a beautiful piece of jewelry is a thoughtful way to treat the special woman in your life, and Christmas is a great time of year to give a memorable gift that will last beyond the season. If you're looking for the best jewelry to buy your wife, girlfriend, mother, or daughter, we've gathered the latest jewelry styles to complement the trendsetters on your shopping list.
Best Jewelry Gifts for Her for Christmas 2019

Jewelry Christmas Gifts for Women:



Rose Gold Jewelry

Classic gold trends may come and go, but rose gold jewelry is timeless. Fashionistas are flocking to this feminine look as elegant rings, stylish necklaces, and glittering earrings take on the pinkish hue. A complement to most skin tones, rose gold makes an easy and beautiful jewelry Christmas gift. Whether she’s a glamour girl or she prefers an understated look, there’s a rose gold style for every woman on your list.


Chokers, collars, and bib necklaces are back on trend as ’90s fashions re-emerge with jewelry for every occasion. Metal, fabric, leather, and rhinestone-covered chokers are the trending look of the coming year. Fashion-forward ladies are sporting chokers — worn both alone and layered with longer chains — with nearly every outfit. If the woman in your life loves to don the hottest fashions, a choker-style necklace is the perfect match for her jewelry Christmas gift.

Stackable Rings

Stacking rings have become a fashion staple for the modern woman, and nailing the look is a cinch. The key to layering rings is to stick with similarly sized bands in order to keep the look cohesive. Look for bands with unique details like small crystals or carved designs to add variation to the style. Pair regular bands with midi rings for an on-trend look your lady will love.

Ear Climbers

Ear climbers arc up the ear, giving the illusion of fashionable piercings without the commitment. These clever earrings are the new style statement of the jewelry scene with their range of subtle to bold looks. From stone-studded climbers to simple heart or floral motifs, ear climbers make an excellent jewelry Christmas gift for stylish women.

Earring Jackets

Earring jackets are the latest trend to turn the heads of the fashion world. While some earring jackets are simply an optional frame for the stud to rest in, the latest style features an ornamental backing that clips onto the post from behind and hangs below the curve of the earlobe. If the lady on your Christmas list loves to show off her chic side, a pair of earring jackets is sure to highlight her style.

Layered Necklaces

The phrase “anything goes” is the definition of this current necklace trend. Celebrities aren’t the only people stacking up their necklaces. Fashion mavens everywhere are pairing up their favorite chains to create unique combos that make a statement.

For the style-savvy gal on your holiday shopping list, pre-layered necklaces are a great way to give her that layered look with one piece of jewelry. If you prefer to choose a few independent chains, look for multiple lengths between 16-30 inches to help her recreate this trendy style.

Cocktail Rings

If she’s looking for serious bling, a bold cocktail ring is the perfect complement to your gift recipient’s jewelry collection. Cocktail rings are an eye-catching accessory that makes a great statement piece. Usually oversized and always stunning, cocktail rings are the perfect finish to a stylish ensemble.

While cocktail rings never go out of fashion, how they are worn determines whether or not a look is on trend. Currently, fashionistas are rocking cocktail rings and statement jewelry with basic casual wear like tailored denim, blazers, and even plain white T-shirts. If you’re Christmas shopping for a woman who loves a little glitz, complement her look with a fabulous cocktail ring.

Wearable Tech

Wearable technology is a growing industry geared toward making people’s lives easier. If your giftee likes to track her fitness but isn’t exactly into the sporty look, consider getting her a jewelry cover for her tracker.

Designers have transformed the way athletic trackers are worn with stylish bangles and pendants that conceal the gadgets. Depending on how your giftee prefers to wear her tech, look for smart jewelry that will complement her look.

Y Necklaces

Subtle yet alluring, Y necklaces are an elegant accessory designed to draw the eye down the neckline. Whether worn under the collar of a classic button-front blouse or paired with a deep V-neck dress, Y necklaces boast feminine appeal.

If your giftee likes to play up her laid-back side, pair a Y necklace with other chains to create a bohemian-inspired look she’ll love. If she is a minimalist, look for a Y necklace with a simple design that highlights her natural beauty.

Personalized Jewelry

If you’re unsure of your giftee’s jewelry preference, remember that personalized jewelry always makes a thoughtful Christmas gift. From monogramed rings to initialed pendants, customizable jewelry is not only stylish, it’s also timeless.

If the woman on your shopping list enjoys sentimental gifts, an engraved pair of earrings or a pendant necklace is a memorable gift she’ll treasure for years to come. Birthstone jewelry is another way to personalize her Christmas gift with a stylish touch.

Pearl Jewelry

Pearls are a truly timeless jewelry staple. As a jewelry trend that bridges the generational gap, each season brings about new and edgy ways of wearing these beauties.

To keep the woman on your gift list on trend, look for pieces that integrate the soft elegance of pearls with warm metals like yellow and rose gold. Large pearls placed into very simple settings is another way to achieve the look.