Best Women’s Jackets for Evening

Best Women’s Jackets for Evening

Women's jacket
Whether you are wearing a cocktail dress or floor-length formal, there are plenty of evening jackets to pair with your outfit to stay warm and stylish. Women's jackets are an elegant wardrobe option for any outing or special occasion, and it's easy to incorporate them into formal and evening fashions. The following tips will guide you through the best women's jackets for evening.
Women's jacket

Women’s Jackets for Evening:


A long jacket in a luxurious fabric is the perfect complement to a short cocktail dress. Choose a long jacket that is shorter than your dress, and pair it with heels to give your legs a longer look. Jackets made of silk, satin or velvet are always attractive for evening wear, and wool and faux fur formal jackets keep you warm and stylish in the winter months.


Some of the best jackets for evening wear include beaded accents, embroidery and silk or sateen fabrics. Even velvet blazers look great with a variety of evening outfits. Find a formal jacket made from a fabric that complements your dress and is appropriate for the weather. Choose a single-breasted evening jacket that fits around the waist and goes over the hips. A blazer that you can button will also slim your body. No matter what style or fabric you choose, the fit is what will make women’s jackets appear comfortable and stylish.


Cropped jackets pair nicely with cocktail dresses for an evening out. Look for designs that have three-quarter sleeves and button closures and come in materials like cotton, sateen or a cotton-silk blend. Cropped jackets accentuate the waist, making them an ideal choice for women who want a curvier look. Look for women’s jackets that feature designs to accentuate the bust area, such as small pockets or ruffles, to play up the style of the jacket. A cropped, double-breasted jacket works well to accentuate the waist and bust simultaneously.


Bolero jackets look great with cocktail dresses and evening gowns and come in materials that are satiny, beaded or sheer. Bolero jackets most often have three-quarter sleeves and a rounded hem with a fold-over lapel or simple neckline. These types of jackets for evening wear are ideal for petite women, since they fit the top portion of the torso and help the legs look longer. Bolero jackets also complement floor-length and empire waist gowns because they won’t break up the fall of the dress.