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Best Women's Accessories to Give As Gifts

by Lindsay Law

Women's accessories

Do you ever get lost in the endless selection of women's accessories while searching for just the right gift? Whether it is for your girlfriend, wife, sister, mother, friend or coworker, you seem to be constantly hunting for the perfect present. There are millions of women's accessories to choose from, but this guide will make things simpler. You can find the best fashion accessories for each of the women in your life while making your gift personal and memorable.

Best Women's Accessories

  1. Do your homework when buying accessories. If you are purchasing women's clothing accessories that come in different sizes, such as belts or jackets, be certain they will fit. Ask her closest friend or family member what size to get or have them peek at her coat or the tag on her pants.

  2. Pay attention to her style when selecting accessories. Notice the outfits and colors she wears most often and select women's accessories that can match all of her favorite looks, both her business and casual outfits, so she can always wear them.

  3. Make it personal. Find ways to incorporate photos or quotes, pick her favorite brand or designer, get a piece she pointed out to you recently or choose something that shows her how well you know her taste and style.

  4. Wrap up with fashionable accessories. Scarves, shawls and wraps are one-size-fits-all wonders in women's apparel. Find her favorite color or one that will complement her wardrobe. With a variety of fabrics, patterns and cuts, you are sure to find the perfect one in the women's clothing department.

  5. Put your finger on it. Gloves come in sleek leather designs for business or a dressed up look. Knit, wool or woven gloves are great for the more casual dresser. The trick for these is matching them to her other winter accessories.

  6. One for the money. Women are constantly digging through their purses looking for something, so help your girl out with a women's wallet or coin purse to organize her things. Designer accessories are often a favorite with women, so sneak a peek at her favorite bag and find one by the same designer.

  7. Fashion accessories are key. Key chains may seem like a cheap and silly gift at first, but digital key chains have become the newest fun high-tech gifts. Digital key chains can hold a number of photos and come in all shapes and designs. This gives a personal touch to an item that women can always carry with them.

  8. Clutch a good idea. Many women love purses and bags, but make sure to do your research before choosing one. Pick one from her favorite designer or find one similar to what she already has. Women's handbags come in beautiful colors and designs, making it easy to pick one from a well-known designer or a brand that her friends will recognize and compliment her on.

  9. Be the messenger. Messenger bags are the new alternative to backpacks, so pick one in a material and design that matches her style in women's purses. She is sure to love it.

  10. Top it off with women's hats. Check out the kind of hats she already owns, such as knit hats, military caps or baseball caps, to figure out what type to look for. Picture the hats she looks best in and find a similar one. Then choose a fun color, fabric or pattern for these casual accessories.

  11. Made for the shade. Like hats, sunglasses come in a variety of shapes. See which frames she wears most -- circular lenses, aviator frames, cat-eye frames, retro frames or another shape -- then choose a similar pair. Change it up with new colors and detailing.

  12. Let it shine. Jewelry is a category of fashion accessories all its own. From timeless vintage accessories to trendy or funky pieces, women's jewelry is a great gift. For a more traditional look, pick jewelry with colored stones, such as amethysts and garnets, or select a necklace or earrings with her birthstone or anniversary stone. Charm bracelets are also a popular look and allow you to personalize the gift by selecting charms with special meaning.

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