Best Window Treatments for a Bathroom

Best Window Treatments for a Bathroom
Your bathroom is often moist and humid, so you need window treatments that can withstand this type of environment. Whether you want curtains to dress up a plain bathroom window or window blinds for extra privacy, you'll want to consider sun and moisture exposure, your personal style and your current bathroom decor when you look at window treatment styles. The following tips will help you find the best bathroom window treatments for your home.

Best Window Treatments for a Bathroom

Bathroom Window Treatments:

Look for faux wood blinds.

Faux wood window blinds are made from a composite of plastics, though some blinds include compressed wood chips as well. The resulting material is resistant to warping and yellowing from exposure to sun and moisture. These qualities make faux wood horizontal blinds a good choice for bathroom window treatments. When you want a little extra light, the slats can be opened; privacy is also ensured when you pull the blinds tightly shut. One disadvantage to these window treatments, however, is their weight. If you have an oversized window in your bathroom, raising these blinds can be difficult.

Buy vinyl shades for durability.

Available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, these window treatment ideas offer versatility in design choices to suit your bathroom design scheme. Vinyl window shades are tolerant of humidity, but only to a point. If your window faces east or west, exposure to the sun along with high levels of humidity may cause the sides of these shades to curl over time. You may also want to look for window shades in a fade-resistant color that doesn’t show dirt or wear as easily; shades and other home window treatments made of a white material tend to get dirty over time.

Find suitable curtains for your bathroom.

While many fabrics are unsuitable for the humid environment of a bathroom, you can still find curtains that will work as window treatment ideas. Outdoor fabrics, such as those used for upholstering outdoor furniture, are designed to withstand exposure to sunlight and damp conditions. Simple panels made from this material can make effective home window treatments when hung in your bathroom. You can even install holdbacks for your curtains when you want to let light into the room.

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