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Best Window Blinds for Your Living Room

Best Window Blinds for Your Living Room

white roman-style window blinds
Create privacy and control the light entering your home when you buy window blinds for your living room. Whether you want wooden window blinds for a classic, polished look or aluminum blinds to complement contemporary decor, the following suggestions will help you buy blinds and shades that work well in your home. Read on for tips on finding the best window blinds for your living room.
white roman-style window blinds

Buying Window Blinds:


Choose blinds that won’t be damaged by light.

Consider the windows in your living room and the amount of light that comes through them before you buy blinds. If your windows are in an exposed area that doesn’t have trees or shrubs to block the sun’s glare, you’ll want to avoid fabric blinds, which can fade over time. Wooden window blinds can also fade and warp with prolonged exposure to heat and the sun’s rays. If you like the classic style wood offers but don’t want to risk damaging these blinds in a bright room, faux wood blinds, usually made of PVC or composite wood, might be your best option. For a different look, hang simple vinyl blinds in your living room to keep the sun out; these blinds are durable and resistant to sun damage.


Find blinds that go with your curtains.

You may want to keep your living room simple by hanging colored fabric blinds or adding white vertical blinds to a tall bay window. If you plan to hang curtains or valances, however, you’ll want to buy blinds that won’t be distracting or get in the way of your window treatments. Find neutral-colored Venetian blinds to complement sheer drapes, and balance dark curtains with sleek aluminum blinds for a more modern look. Hanging valances or simple panels over your window blinds, especially thick horizontal blinds, can also hide the hardware and make your window look more polished. Don’t forget to measure your blinds for a truly seamless look.


Purchase blinds that are easy to clean.

Before you make a final decision on blinds, consider whether you’ll be able to clean them. Venetian blinds with narrow slats can be difficult to dust, so you may want to hang these in another room if dust and pet dander is often stirred up in your living room. Look for horizontal blinds that can be wiped and polished easily for convenience. This is especially important if you like the style of wooden or faux wood blinds, which tend to attract dirt and dust. If you would rather have vertical blinds, look for styles that can be removed and wiped down occasionally. Vertical vinyl blinds can sometimes be rinsed outside with cool water if they’re particularly dirty.