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Best Wedding Decorations for Cars

by Raechel Conover

Wedding car

When you're planning a wedding, there are a lot of wedding decorations to consider. One aspect of wedding planning that is sometimes overlooked is the bride and groom's getaway car. The car that the bride and groom drive off in traditionally gets decorated, often by the best man or trusted friends, so everyone else on the road knows they have just married. Read on to discover some of the best wedding decorations for the getaway car.

Wedding Decorations for Cars:

  1. Signs: The most essential part of decorating a wedding car is telling other drivers why the car is decorated. There are several ways to accomplish this. One traditional way is to use liquid chalk or window paint to write "Just Married" and other fun phrases on the windows of the car. Make sure the paint you use won't damage the car when the couple removes it later, and they'll appreciate it if you write phrases that match their personalities. Use markers and poster board to create signs that you can attach to the vehicle. Window decals also make great wedding car decorations.

  2. Balloons: Balloons often play a significant role in wedding planning and decorations, but they're also an essential choice for a wedding car. Use balloons that match the wedding colors or go for shades of white. The balloons can be stuck anywhere on the car to draw more attention to it. Don't forget to attach some to the antenna, too.

  3. Streamers: Thick, white streamers are easy and elegant wedding car decorations. Tape them to the bumper of the limo as an alternative to the traditional tin cans or use small strips to write "Just Married" on the window without the mess of window paint. Attach streamers with sturdy, clear tape so they don't fly off as the happy couple drives away. Make sure to use tape that won't peel the paint off the limo or wedding car rental.

  4. Ribbons and tin cans: To make a clatter, it is traditional to tie cans to string and attach them to the bumper of the car. You can make this decoration a little more sophisticated by using plain cans and white ribbon that can easily be tied to the car's bumper. Make sure the ribbon is thick and the knots tight so the cans don't fall off while the car is moving.

  5. Be creative: Whether you choose fresh flowers or silk flowers, these are classic decorations for the wedding car. Silk flowers are usually less expensive than live ones, although fresh flowers are often more elegant and formal. A large heart-shaped wreath of white roses on the hood always belongs on a wedding car. Small bouquets of flowers in the wedding colors make great wedding decorations for the door handles. If you can unlock the car, you can also fill the backseat and floor with strewn flowers, bouquets or flower petals; the car will smell nice when the bride and groom get in to leave, and it will be easy for them to clean out.

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