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Best Ways to Use Garage Organizers

by Paul Sanders

Wallboard garage organizer holding tools

An organized garage is a productive space that makes it easy to find stored items and work efficiently. However, the garage tends to be the landing spot for clutter that has been exiled from the rest of the house, but properly placed garage storage can handle plenty of those odd items, big and small. It all depends on your storage and organization planning. Here are some of the best ideas for garage storage that you can use to layout an efficient plan for your available space.

Garage Organizer Use:

  1. Make use of available wall space. Pegboards and other adjustable garage organizers can adapt to multiple uses, accommodating large and small objects while making them all quickly accessible. Empty wall space is also the ideal location to safely secure heavy garage organizers or cabinets; be sure to attach them to wall studs and use the appropriate anchors.

  2. Create separate areas for different storage categories. You can find garage organizers to fit nearly every available space in your garage. Which storage systems you use will depend on the gear, tools, and materials you want to store. By separating everything according to categories, like gardening tools, woodworking tools, and sports equipment, you make it easy to search for whatever you need. Categories with lots of items or large equipment will need more space and, possibly, special organizers.

  3. Take advantage of vertical space. Garages tend to have a lot of vertical headroom, and a lot of that overhead space tends to go to waste. Shelving and ceiling-mounted storage cabinets can fit in elevated spaces, functioning as long-term storage for seasonal decorations and camping gear without taking up any floor space. Be careful not to overload ceiling-mounted garage organizers, however.

  4. Preserve walkways and workspaces. As your space fills up, items can accumulate on the floor, creating tripping hazards and blocking access to storage. Periodically re-examine your garage organizers to free up space and keep items off the floor. Be sure to consider how far equipment protrudes from wall racks and ceiling hooks. Take care to place cabinets so they won't block walkways, and check clearance under ceiling-mounted storage.

  5. Include storage for small or loose items. It's inefficient to store small items, like nails, screws, jars, and other miscellaneous items, on shelves or in large boxes. Use garage organizers with multiple small drawers to maximize the space you have, and label containers so you can find items quickly.

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