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Best Ways to Use Accent Tables

Best Ways to Use Accent Tables

Accent tables in living room
Accent tables provide the perfect solution when it comes to balancing out the look of a room and complementing furnishings. Coffee tables, end tables, console tables, and hallway tables all fall within this home decor group, and are often all you need to create a complete, flowing appearance in your space. If you're ready to revitalize your decor with an accent table or two, this guide will give you some great tips to help you get started.
Accent tables in living room

How to Decorate with Accent Tables

Create a Focal Point with a Coffee Table

Coffee tables are one of the most popular accent tables, as they work well to tie furnishings together and give living rooms a finished look. Today’s coffee tables are available in a variety of sizes, styles, materials, and colors, which makes it easy to find the perfect piece to create a bold focal point in your space. For modern decor schemes, glass-top coffee tables with wood or iron legs allow for a clean, crisp accent, while natural or painted solid wood coffee tables instantly warm up traditional furnishings.

End Tables Hold Lamps and Knick-Knacks

Whether you’re shopping for tables to accentuate your living room furniture or you’re looking for an easy way to create design flow in a room with limited space, end tables complement a variety of furnishings while offering a compact design that’s suitable for practically any room size. To easily store books, magazines, DVDs, and the TV remote, look for end tables with a bottom shelf in addition to a table top. To complement a sofa, loveseat, or futon, consider pairing reading lamps with matching end tables to place at each end of the piece.

Free up Space with a Sofa or Console Table

If you’re looking for an easy way to accentuate your sofa or display your television without taking up much space, a sofa or console table is a great solution. Sofa tables fit neatly behind the sofa and feature long tabletops that are perfect for accent lamps and displaying decorative items. To complement a futon or loveseat, choose a small sofa table to ensure proper size coordination. Alternatively, place a console sofa table in a hallway or your dining area to display dishes or plants, or to add dimension to the space.

Brighten up Your Entryway with a Hallway Table

Hallway tables are ideal for large entryways, as they easily hold lamps to brighten up the area and provide plenty of space for important items such as keys and mail. If you’re looking for extra storage for outdoor items such as mittens and scarves, choose a hallway table with built-in drawers or cubbies. For an elegant accent piece, consider a long glass-top table with a wrought-iron base, or a solid wood table with a bottom shelf to display decorative items.

Incorporate Extra Storage with a Functional Trunk Table

Trunk tables add a vintage accent to living rooms and bedrooms while providing ample, out-of-the-way storage. These sturdy tables are perfect for storing blankets, bedding, books, and DVDs, and are available in a variety of sizes to serve as functional end tables or large, centered coffee tables. Pair a trunk end table with a classic-style lamp to create a cozy reading area in your living room, or place a large trunk coffee table in front of your sofa to tie your living room together.

Keep Your Nighttime Items Close with a Bedside Table

Bedside tables and nightstands accentuate your bedroom decor while providing the perfect amount of storage for nighttime items such as reading glasses, books, eye pillows, and more. if you read or work on your laptop at night, consider a bedside table or nightstand with a single drawer or double drawers to securely hold your items, and ample top space for bedside table lamps and alarm clocks. To create a uniform look, place tables on both sides of the bed.